Who we are

ANZGOG is the peak national gynaecological cancer research organisation in Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision is: Advancing research, saving lives.

The group has more than 1300 members representing clinical, allied health and pure research specialities, and includes community. ANZGOG clinical trials are conducted at over 80 hospital sites and include both local and global collaborations to ensure the best research is available to improve life for women with a gynaecological cancer.

2023-2028 Strategic Goals

The Board of Directors conducts a strategic planning workshop every five years in consultation with member representatives of all gynaecological oncology disciplines and other key stakeholders. The identified strategic goals form the basis of the business plan which is developed and reviewed annually.

Our strategic plan is a five-year roadmap that will advance the excellence and impact of our gynaecological cancer research.

Our vision is: ‘Advancing research, saving lives’.

ANZGOG’s shared values are: Excellence, Impact, Equity, Collaboration, and Openness.

Four goals and strategies are outlined in the attached strategic plan:

Goal 1: Catalyse innovative, practice-changing cooperative gynaecological cancer research

  • High-quality research informed by evidence, community and impact
  • Use of novel trial designs and technologies
  • Integrate clinical and translational research
  • Drive participation in international research

Goal 2: Expand the reach, relevance and impact of our research

  • Strengthen focus on impact
  • Increase involvement in regional and rural areas
  • Greater engagement and participation in New Zealand
  • Diversify recruitment and accessibility

Goal 3: Engage, collaborate and share expertise and insights

  • Purposeful engagement strategy
  • Foster meaningful connections, sharing valuable insights
  • Nurturing future leaders of ANZGOG
  • Strengthen partnerships and expertise to ensure a broad, dynamic research network.

Goal 4: Sustain a vibrant and efficient research organisation

  • Grow and sustain a vibrant funding base
  • Transparent, effective and efficient operational functions
  • Clear processes for membership and leadership renewal
  • Advocate for our cause with key stakeholders
  • Securing ANZGOG’s lasting impact

ANZGOG’s performance is reviewed annually in our annual report.

View the ANZGOG Strategic Plan