Develop your research with ANZGOG

Our goal is to undertake a diverse portfolio of clinically important research in gynaecological cancer that has the greatest potential to improve patient outcomes.

ANZGOG assists members to develop their research by:

  • Setting clear research priorities as defined in ANZGOG’s strategic plan 2018-2023
  • Peer discussion and mentoring through tumour working groups.
  • Assistance with study development, connecting investigators to statisticians, translational researchers, QOL and other specialists.
  • Funding for study development through the annual Fund for New Research grants
  • Study funding for special strategic initiatives and support to apply for government and philanthropic grants.
  • Peer review at the Research Advisory Committee to determine acceptance as an ANZGOG study.

Study Operation

ANZGOG studies are conducted collaboratively with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) and the Centre for Biostatistics and Clinical Trials (BaCT) at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as well as funds smaller studies through specialist academic institutions.

Annual General Meeting and Research Development Day

The ANZGOG Annual General Meeting and Research Development Day is typically held in October each year in Sydney.

The Research Development Day brings together ANZGOG researchers from all specialities and continues to be both popular and effective in developing new research ideas.

These events are member-only events please contact Heshani Nesfield

The Cervical Tumour Working Group in action during the 2019 Research Development Day.

Education Preceptorships

Open to fellows, registers, PhD students to grow their knowledge of gynaecological cancers through review of seminal research papers, particular cancer types and presentation of findings in a research workshop environment. Preceptorships are led by senior clinicians across all specialities, mentoring students, reviewing process and engaging in debate during the workshop.

ANZGOG has held two preceptorships;

  • 2017 – Ovarian cancer
  • 2019 – Endometrial cancer

For more information please contact Alison Evans at