ANZGOG’s  inaugural Preceptorship in ovarian cancer stimulated great interest from Fellows, Registrars, Advanced Trainees and research students over two days. The workshop focussed on ovarian cancer and all therapeutic approaches, and a review of the most important papers of the last 15 years.

Travel grants and education support was provided by Roche. Below is some of the feedback we received.

Professor Philip Beale, Medical Oncologist and Preceptorship Convenor | Preceptor

“The Preceptorship has provided the opportunity for learning so that the trainees in medical oncology and gynaecological oncology can get greater understanding of how to treat patients with ovarian cancer, and have ideas for clinical trials into the future, to truly have the next generation of clinicians will who’ll take this field forward.”

Michelle Wilson, Medical Oncologist, Auckland Hospital New Zealand | Preceptor

“What’s fantastic about the Preceptorship is that we’ve got a group of enthusiastic trainees from across different specialties in one room alongside preceptors with very different backgrounds. Attendees leave with an amazing collection of articles and resource for them as they start their development and careers in this area. What’s even more fantastic is that you’ve got different people providing their insights into the articles and discussing that with other people who might have different viewpoints, and debating the literature. The key final part is discussing how that’s been used in clinical practice at different places, and why people are doing what they’re doing. Just having that whole background there allows people to understand the data more, understand the difficulties of the data that we’re basing our decisions on, and also allows us to think outside the box in terms of what factors we want to look at when we’re interpreting this as we move forward in our careers. It helps build collaborations – you’re meeting people from across Australia, across New Zealand, all with this interest in this area and that’s going to help us move forward and develop more projects in the future, and advance our research in this area.”

Nikki Burdett, Advanced Trainee at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide | Participant

“It was really helpful and meaningful to be in a room full of researchers and clinicians and specialists in the field giving us their experience from over the years. Having the chance to put that all together has been incredibly helpful, and something I will take back to my clinical practice.”

Umbreen Hafeez, Medical Oncology fellow at Austin Health | Participant

“I think it’s a great opportunity to learn in a relaxed environment, and you get to meet other people and experts in your speciality and also interact with surgeons and Radiation Oncologists which is different from when you are at work. You can ask them questions in a very relaxed, non-judgmental way.”

Manreet Randhawa, Medical Oncology Trainee at the Canberra Hospital | Participant

“It really gives us a good opportunity to network with other people from interstate and also really learn about the landmark trials that are practice-changing and behind what we do every day in clinical practice. Sometime we don’t get the time to do that after work so it’s a very focussed session over one to two days looking at the evidence.”