fund new research

The Fund for New Research promotes the development of investigator-led studies from initial concept to full study.

Individual grants are awarded to researchers for amounts of $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000. A maximum of two applications may be submitted per member in each grant round.

The Fund For New Research was seed-funded by philanthropy and continues to seek private and public donations.

Research projects

Projects may include:

  • Innovative sub-studies.
  • Research that may lead to a future ANZGOG study.
  • Pilot studies (including generating data to support preparation for a larger research project or pre-clinical research).
  • Other studies which meet ANZGOG priorities.

To be considered submissions must:

  • Have direct alignment with ANZGOG’s research priorities as defined by our Board of Directors
  • Be clearly achievable, with good feasibility
  • Be fully funded either by this ANZGOG grant or in combination with other funding

Review process

  1. Scientific review –
    ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee
  2. Funding and grant review –
    ANZGOG Grant Panel
    This panel consists of ANZGOG members representing the major clinical specialities for gynaecological oncology and experienced investigators reviewing against set Fund for New Research criteria

Donor Grants

In addition, this year, three grants have been received from donors. The awarding of these grants will be based on an appropriate study being developed by a member and receiving Research Advisory Committee (RAC) assessment that the project contributes to gynaecological cancer research and ANZGOG future trials. No award will be made if a study does not meet the RAC criteria for an ANZGOG supported study (as agreed with the donors):

  1. The Ladybird Foundation, WA – $30,000 grant offered for a project which is primarily carried out in Western Australia with a WA Principal Investigator.
  2. Rochelle Fisher Grant – $30,000 grant for a study of leiomyosarcoma of the uterus
  3. Judith Meschke Memorial Grant – $50,000 grant for a study of clear cell ovarian cancer (see below for more info)

A Memorial gift

Judith Meschke 17.08.1966 – 21.04.2018

Judith Meschke was a well-respected NIDA fashion design graduate, a costumier for Opera Australia and many other Australian productions including; Moulin Rouge. Later in her career, Judith return to NIDA as a guest lecturer, passing on her expertise and skill to eager students.

Judith was 51 years old when she succumbed to ovarian cancer.  A rare clear cell ovarian carcinoma.

Judith Meschke – Photo credit: ©️ Liz Cotter

It was Judith’s wish to contribute directly to ovarian cancer research. Judith discussed her wish with her Medical Oncologist Professor Michael Friedlander AM. He spoke to Judith about the importance of supporting ANZGOG’s gynaecological cancer research program.

With great generosity Judith left a $50,000 gift in her Will to ANZGOG. ANZGOG is grateful to Judith Meschke and thankful that she understood the importance her gift would make.

For more information about; the Fund For New Research, leaving a gift in will or a major donation to ANZGOG research, please contact Karen Livingstone AM:

T: +61 4 3811 5524