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fund new research

The Fund for New Research promotes the development of investigator-led studies from initial concept to full study.

Individual grants are available for amounts of $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000.


We are currently seeking applications from ANZGOG members and ANZGOG early career researchers.

A maximum of two applications may be submitted per member in each grant round.

The application deadline is 27 August.

Research projects

Projects may include:

  • Innovative sub-studies.
  • Research that may lead to a future ANZGOG study.
  • Pilot studies (including generating data to support preparation for a larger research project or pre-clinical research).
  • Other studies which meet ANZGOG priorities.

To be considered submissions must:

  • Have direct alignment with ANZGOG’s research priorities as defined by our Board of Directors
  • Be clearly achievable, with good feasibility
  • Be fully funded either by this ANZGOG grant or in combination with other funding

Review Process

  1. Scientific review –
    by the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee – at the 20 September 2018 meeting.)
  2. Funding and grant review –
    by the ANZGOG Grant Panel.
    This panel consists of ANZGOG members representing the major clinical specialities for gynaecological oncology and experienced investigators reviewing against set Fund for New Research criteria


Date Activity
27 August 2018

Application deadline

Scientific review period

20 September 2018

RAC Meeting

Funding and grant review period, for research approved by the RAC

22 November 2017 ANZGOG Board of Directors meeting
30 November 2017 Final notifications to applicants
December 2017 Contracting with successful applicants
January – December 2019 Grant funding period

ANZGOG will be recognised as a funder of the project with the words “Research and funding collaboration with ANZGOG.”

The ANZGOG Board of Directors makes the final decision on funds available and approves the panel recommendation.

Contact Tracey Meares research@anzgog.org.au for assistance.