Over 8,100 ANZ women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year.

In Australia alone 6,777 plus women every year are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer (also referred to as ‘gynecological’ cancer in other parts of the world). There are five gynaecological regions where cancer can be found, plus two types of placental cancers found during pregnancy.

To learn more about gynaecological cancers, including symptoms please click on the links below;

This awareness information was shared with permission by Cancer Australia. Cancer Australia is the lead cancer control agency of the Government of Australia.

To learn more about the risks for all gynaecological cancers click here

Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms that are not usual for you, please visit your family doctor. If your family doctor suspects your symptoms could be gynaecological cancer, please ensure that they refer you to a gynaecological oncologist as the expert in the management of these cancers. You can find a list of gynaecological oncologists in your Australian state or New Zealand area here

Know the symptoms of gynaecological cancer, know and listen to your body, take care of your health and do not hesitate to see a doctor or ask for a referral to a gynaecological oncology specialist.