One size no longer fits all in ovarian cancer treatment.

Each year 1400 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer – almost 1000 of these women will die within five years (43% survival five years from diagnosis).  Survival has not improved in decades and lags well behind breast (89% survival five years from diagnosis) and other cancers.

Ovarian cancer has traditionally been thought of as a single disease and is still treated that way. The last five years has seen a revolution in our understanding of the biology of ovarian cancers. We now understand why a one size-fits-all approach to treatment must and can change.

OASIS – Ovarian cancer Alliance for SIgnal-Seeking clinical trials

OASIS is a powerful collaborative effort designed to effect change more quickly and with greater flexibility than is usual in clinical research. OASIS – Ovarian cancer Alliance for Signal-Seeking clinical trials – brings internationally recognised laboratory and clinical researchers, patients and advocates together to advance a series of innovative, targeted clinical trials that link molecularly-defined subsets of ovarian cancer patients to newly developed cancer drugs.

OASIS combines the capabilities of the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) and Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA), the leading laboratory, clinical research and consumer advocacy groups for ovarian cancer nationally.

Funding for the OASIS Initiative to date has been achieved from a significant philanthropic grant and a bequest. Researchers can bring their idea to the OASIS initiative and apply for funding.