Chair of ANZGOG – Ex Officio on all Committees, Chair Operations Executive Committee, Chair OASIS Steering Committee, Ovarian Tumour Working Group, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee, Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee.

Medical Oncologist

Clare Scott is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Melbourne and Royal Women’s Hospitals and is Head of the Ovarian and Rare Cancers Laboratory at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. She has 20 years’ experience in treating breast and ovarian cancer and in clinical cancer genetics in Familial Cancer Clinics. Clare has been Principal Investigator for more than ten ovarian cancer clinical trials of targeted therapy leading to high impact publications and is immediate past Chair of the ANZGOG OASIS Initiative Steering Committee. In the lab, Clare has developed new ovarian cancer pre-clinical models and is using genomics to study targeted drug combinations to combat drug resistance. Clare has established a rare cancer research program to improve access to targeted treatments for patients diagnosed with a rare cancer. Clare was awarded the Sir Edward Dunlop Cancer Research Fellowship from Cancer Council Victoria (2012) and a Clinical Research Fellowship from the Victorian Cancer Agency (2018).


ANZGOG – Immediate Past Chair, OASIS Steering Committee, Research Advisory Committee, Ovarian Tumour Working Group, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee, Operations Executive Committee, Research Management Committee.

Medical Oncologist

Associate Professor Beale is Director of Cancer Services and Director of Palliative Care, Sydney Local Health District, Head of Medical Oncology Department at Concord Hospital, Senior Staff Specialist at RPA, and at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. He has a special interest in ovarian, breast, colorectal and upper gastrointestinal cancers and is involved in Phase I, II and III clinical trials for all of these cancers and is the PI in several breast and ovarian cancer trials. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed papers. He is the immediate past Chair of ANZGOG and is a member of the AGITG and ANZBCTG trials groups. He is a past Chair of the ANZGOG Ovarian Tumour Working Group, is on the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee and the Audit Risk and Compliance Committee and is a member of the AGITG and ANZBCTG trials groups.


ANZGOG – Director, Research Advisory Committee, EDEN Steering Committee, Uterine Tumour Working Group, Quality Assurance Committee, OASIS Steering Committee, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee, Operations Executive Committee, Research Management Group.

Gynaecological Oncologist


Professor Alison Brand AM is a gynaecological oncology surgeon, Director of Gynaecological Oncology at Westmead Hospital, Sydney and Clinical Professor at the University of Sydney. Alison has been involved in ANZGOG since it was established in 2000 and has since held key positions within the group. She was ANZGOG Chair from 2012 to 2018. Alison has chaired or been a member of several working parties for the development of national gynaecological cancer guidelines and has been PI on several international and national trials. She is the current Chair of the Gynaecological Cancer Intergroup, an umbrella organisation of 33 international trials groups. In 2021, she was made Member, Order of Australia, for significant service to medicine, gynaecology, and medical organisations. She is passionate about participation in clinical trials as a way to improve the lives of women with gynaecological cancers, now and in the future.

Alison also sits on the Research Advisory Committee, Operations Executive, Research Management Group, TR-ANZGOG and the Uterine Tumour Working Group. She is also one of the co-leads of the PRAiSED EDEN Focus Group.


ANZGOG – Director, Research Advisory Committee, EDEN Steering Committee, OASIS Steering Committee, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee, Operations Executive Committee.

Medical Oncologist

Assoc Prof Alison Davis is a Senior Staff Specialist in Medical Oncology at The Canberra Hospital and Conjoint Senior lecturer at the Australian National University. Her subspeciality clinical areas include gynaecological and breast cancer and she is actively involved in clinical research in both areas. Her main research focus is QOL and End of Life care in women with gynaecological malignancies. Alison has been involved with ANZGOG for many years and was the Chair of the Research Advisory Committee from 2017 – Feb 2023. She is also a member of the Research Management Committee, Operations Executive Committee and OASIS committee and ex-officio member of the Ovarian, Uterine and Cervical Tumour working group committees, as well as the EDEN committee. She is highly committed to ensuring ANZGOG performs high quality research with the goal of improving outcomes for all women with gynaecological malignancies. She was a member of the TGA Advisory Committee Pharmaceutical Medicines between 2008-2015, and is currently a member of the ACT SE NSW Breast Cancer Treatment Group, Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank and ACT HREC clinical trial subcommittee.


ANZGOG Director, Chair – Ovarian Tumour Working Group

Medical Oncologist

Michelle Wilson is a medical oncologist who subspecialises in gynaecological cancers and early-phase clinical trials. She is the clinical director for Cancer and Blood Research at Auckland City Hospital. Dr Wilson is a very active researcher, and is also one of 4 Principal Investigators with the early phase Auckland Cancer Trials Centre. Dr Wilson’s research focus is geared towards early phase translational studies and clinical trial endpoints, in particular their utility and evolution in the era of precision oncology. She was awarded a medical doctorate on this topic in 2018 through the University of Auckland. Dr Wilson is the Chair of the Ovarian Tumour Working Group, a member of the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee and OASIS Steering Committee. She is New Zealand Director for ANZGOG.


ANZGOG – Director, Chair – Research Advisory Committee, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee.

Gynaecological Oncologist

Paul Cohen is a consultant at the Western Australian Gynaecological Cancer Service, King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, Clinical Professor in the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical School, University of Western Australia, and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Health Research, University of Notre Dame Australia. Paul’s research interests include patient-reported outcomes and the supportive care of patients affected by gynaecological malignancies, gynaecological cancer genetics, the epidemiology of gynaecological malignancies, and biomarkers to predict histological tumour regression in women with high-grade serous tubo-ovarian cancer following neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Paul is the current chair of the International Gynecological Cancer Society (IGCS) Education Committee, and ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee, past program chair of the ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting, and a Board Director of ANZGOG and the IGCS. Paul is a member of the eviQ Cancer Genetics Reference Committee, Australian Clinical Trial Alliance Impact and Implementation Committee, and a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer.


ANZGOG – Director, Research Advisory Committee, Uteirne Tumour Working Group, Chair Quality Assurance Committee, EDEN Steering Committee.

Radiation Oncologist

Associate Professor Pearly Khaw is currently the lead Radiation Oncologist in Gynae-Oncology at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She has over 20 years of experience in radiation oncology, 16 of those years specialising in the management of gynaecological cancer patients, all of which has been achieved whilst only working part-time.

She is a clinician-researcher and is actively involved in ANZGOG, the leading Clinical Trials Group for Australia and New Zealand. She is a current Board Director where her responsibilities include the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, as well as being an active member of the Research Advisory Committee and the Uterine Tumour Type Working Group. Through ANZGOG she is also involved with GCIG and is always actively looking for further International Research collaborations. She is a member of the IGCS Radiation Oncology Working Group under the IGCS Education Committee, and the current Deputy Chair of the Treatment Pillar Working Group for the National Cervical Cancer Elimination Strategy (Australia).

Chair, OASIS Steering Committee

Medical Oncologist

Tarek Meniawy is a medical oncologist who subspecialises in melanoma, gynaecological cancers as well as early-phase clinical trials. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia, where he was awarded a PhD degree in 2016, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University. He is an active clinical and translational researcher, and is involved in early drug development as a Principal Investigator at Linear Clinical Research, the only dedicated Phase I unit in Western Australia, and one of a handful of such dedicated units in Australia. Dr Meniawy is the immediate past Chair of the ANZGOG Ovarian Tumour Working Group and serves on the Research Advisory Committee and OASIS Steering Committee. He is also a member of the state wide Western Australia Gynaecologic Cancer Service (WAGCS), as well as the WA Kirkbride Melanoma Advisory Service.


ANZGOG – Non-executive Director of Finance, Chair Audit Risk and Compliance Committee.

Finance Director

Fiona is a chartered accountant, CA, and joined the ANZGOG Board as Finance Director in May 2021. Fiona started her career with professional services firm Ernst & Young where she spent 10 years in the Audit Division in Sydney and London. Moving to senior finance roles in ASX listed Corporates for 17 years Fiona was able to navigate complex business structures and acquisitions to simplify financial reporting and provide insightful information to stakeholders. More recently Fiona has held CFO roles at Not for Profit organisations. Fiona brings strong corporate governance and risk management experience. Her ability to explain financial concepts in operational language and empower people to understand and use financial information drives better decision making. Known for her trust and integrity Fiona’s guidance helps boards and executives manage financial risk.

Fiona is also an Audit Committee member for the Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO).


ANZGOG – Chair, Study Coordinators Committee, Annual Scientific Committee Program Steering Committee.

Study Coordinator

Donna long is currently the Network Manager of the Regional Trials Network – Victoria. The Network membership includes 8 Clinical Trials Units in Regional Victoria. Donna has had a long history in the Oncology sector starting in nursing while training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Donna has over 34 years’ experience in Oncology including 12 years in the Gynaecological Oncology surgical unit at The Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. Donna’s experience includes Palliative Care at Sacred Heart Hospice in Sydney, Breast Cancer Peer Support Coordinator at the Cancer Council NSW, 13 years’ experience as a Research Nurse/Study Coordinator at Border Medical Oncology Research Unit in Albury and experience as a Service Improvement Facilitator for the Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service. Donna has been a member of ANZGOG and the study coordinators committee since 2005/2006 and is the immediate past Chair of the ANZGOG Study Coordinators Committee.