ANZGOG’s 1300 plus members are based at over 80 hospitals, universities and research institutions in Australia and New Zealand. These members volunteer their time to help operate the organisation and take part in tumour working groups, research and advisory committees.

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee members represent all gynaecological cancer disciplines, allied therapies as well as pure science and have input from women who have had a gynaecological cancer. The Committee meets four times annually in February, March/April, July/August, and October to review new projects.

Chair: Professor Paul Cohen (Gynaecological Oncologist WA)

Deputy Chair: Associate Professor Yoland Antill (Medical Oncologist VIC)

Tumour Working Groups

There are three tumour type working groups under the Research Advisory Committee which meet twice per annum to consider and develop new research concepts for ANZGOG.

Uterine Tumour Working Group

Chair: Professor Caroline Ford (Researcher NSW)

Chair Elect: Dr Janine Lombard (Medical Oncologist NSW)

Ovarian Tumour Working Group

Chair: Dr Michelle Wilson (Medical Oncologist NZ)

Chair Elect: Associate Professor Kylie Gorringe 

Cervical, Vulva & Vagina Tumour Working Group

Chair: Dr Ming Yin Lin (Radiation Oncologist VIC)

Chair Elect: Dr Felicia Roncolato (Medical Oncologist NSW)

Other Committees

Other committees supporting the operation of ANZGOG’s research development and clinical trials are the Quality Assurance Committee, Study Coordinators Committee, OASIS Steering Committee, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee, Audit Risk Committee, ANZGOG CTC Operations Executive Committee, and the ANZGOG Research Management Committee.

Study Coordinators Committee

Chair: Ms Meghan Leigh (Study Coordinator QLD)

Deputy Chair: Ms Kathryn Jenkins (Study Coordinator (NSW)

OASIS Steering Committee

Chair: Associate Professor Tarek Meniawy (Medical Oncologist WA)

Deputy Chair: Dr George Au-Yeung (Medical Oncologist NSW)

TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee

Chair: Professor Anna deFazio AM (Translational Cancer Researcher NSW)

EDEN Steering Committee

Chair: Professor Linda Mileshkin (Medical Oncologist VIC)

Deputy Chair: Professor Alison Brand AM (Gynaecological Oncologist NSW)

Audit Risk & Compliance Committee

Chair: Ms Fiona Erhardt (ANZGOG Director of Finanace NSW)

ANZGOG CTC Operations Executive Committee

Chair: Professor Clare Scott AM (Medical Oncologist VIC)

ANZGOG Research Management Group

Chair: Professor Clare Scott AM (Medical Oncologist VIC)

ASM Program Committee

The Annual Scientific Meeting Program Steering Committee develops the education and information program for the annual conference and the Pure Science Symposium and invites international and national guest speakers to provide the latest insights into the research and treatment into gynaecological cancers.

2024 Chair: Dr Michelle Harrison (Medical Oncologist NSW)

2024 Deputy Chair: Associate Professor Yoland Antill (Medical Oncologist VIC)

For the full list of our committees, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact ANZGOG Chief Executive, Alison Evans for further information,