ANZGOG’s 960 plus members are based at over 50 hospitals, universities and research institutions in Australia and New Zealand. They volunteer their time to ANZGOG to help operate the organisation and take part in tumour working groups, research and advisory committees.

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee members represent all gynaecological cancer disciplines, allied therapies as well as pure science and have input from women who have had a gynaecological cancer. The Committee meets four times annually in February, March/April, July/August, and October to review new projects.

Tumour Working Groups

There are three tumour working groups under the Research Advisory Committee which meet twice per annum to consider and develop new research ideas for ANZGOG.

Other committees

Other committees supporting the operation of ANZGOG’s research development and clinical trials are the Quality Assurance Committee, Study Coordinators Committee and the Consumer Research Panel. Women who have experienced a gynaecological cancer act as research reviewers and advisers as well as spokespeople for ANZGOG.

ASM Committee

The Annual Scientific Meeting Committee develop the education and information program for the annual symposium and invite international guest speakers to provide the latest insights into research into gynaecological cancers.

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