Community Engagement Program

People with a lived experience of gynaecological cancers are the centre of everything we do, whether that is designing clinical trials, advocating for research funding, or educating the next generation of health professionals.

“The community is at the heart of everything that we do at ANZGOG. They remind us how important advancing research is for others, they keep us on track, focusing on what matters most and they shape ANZGOG’s research direction by providing their unique lived experience.” 

Prof Clare Scott AM, ANZGOG Chair

ANZGOG’s Community Engagement Program delivers opportunities for people with lived experience of gynaecological cancers to contribute meaningfully and fosters a groundswell of action through our volunteers, to impact outcomes for women now and in the future.

Community Volunteer Roles are available across:

ANZGOG’s Survivors Teaching Students (STS) Program is a ground-breaking volunteer program that brings gynaecological cancer survivors and caregivers into the classrooms of health professional students to teach them about women’s experiences with the diseases. Survivors and caregivers are in a unique position to help students understand the ‘lived experience’ of a gynaecological cancer, including the psychosocial impact, and the importance of timely diagnosis, good health communication and compassionate care.

By joining STS and sharing your story, you will have the opportunity to impact the future care of women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, with participating students reporting not only increased understanding of gynaecological cancers but also a deeper understanding of the patient experience to take forward into their practice. Since the program began at ANZGOG in 2017, our volunteers have shared their stories with more than 11,000 students across Australia and New Zealand.


Gynaecological cancer research is critically needed but critically underfunded. WomenCan is the fundraising arm of ANZGOG, supporting ANZGOG by funding our programs to improve life for women with gynaecological cancer. WomenCan’s mission is to engage the community to fund pioneering discoveries that will enable women with a gynaecological cancer to live better and live longer. WomenCan believes the power of the collective, united in a common purpose, can make a real difference in the lives of women with gynaecological cancers.

By joining the Advocacy volunteer pathway, you will have the opportunity to use your voice and share your story to advocate for research funding, highlighting that investment in gynaecological cancer research is an investment in saving lives and empowering women.


Virtually every advance in cancer survival has been made on the back of clinical trials. As the peak, national gynaecological cancer clinical trials organisation for Australia and New Zealand, ANZGOG‘s purpose is to improve outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer by conducting research. We conduct and promote clinical trials and undertake multidisciplinary research into the causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancers.

Research Community Volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to ANZGOG research at every stage of the development process. Community volunteers will lend their voices to research discussions sharing their personal perspective and representing the broader views of people with lived experience of gynaecological cancer. Opportunities range from sharing your lived experience as a participant on a research grant working party or a Trial Management Committee, through to Research Advisor roles requiring additional levels of education and expertise in research analysis.


Depending on individual areas of interest, or expertise to contribute, each person is matched with the volunteer pathway most suited to them. There are also opportunities to contribute at different levels within each pathway, as there are a number of roles with varying selection criteria and time commitments.

Volunteers are highly valued for their time, effort and contributions. All ANZGOG Community Volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support to fulfill their role. Each role is well guided with a Volunteer Agreement, Induction, and support network.

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