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All ANZGOG’s gynaecological clinical trials are listed here by cancer type.

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Search all gynaecological cancer trials

The Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry lists all trials currently recruiting.


One size no longer fits

ANZGOG’s OASIS trials match molecular sub-types of ovarian cancer with new therapies.

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Fostering new research ideas

ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research has been developed with public donations.


Publications give insight into ANZGOG’s work

Publishing the results of clinical trials is critical to the sharing of the knowledge.

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50 plus hospitals research ready

See which hospitals are conducting ANZGOG’s clinical trials nearest to you.

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Find a specialist

ASGO is the peak association for gynaecological oncologists in Australasia.

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New leiomyosarcoma research

Dr Genevieve Dall’s leiomyosarcoma research concept has been awarded the Rochelle Fisher Grant.

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2019 Fund for New Research Announcement

There were 14 applications received for the 2019 Fund for New Research Grants. Find out which study concepts were awarded the grants by clicking on the link below.

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eviQ Gynaecological Cancer Information Resource

The NSW government offer a very useful resource for those who are wanting to find out more about drug treatments efficacy for various cancer types.