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2022 ANZGOG Annual report

The Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) is the peak national gynaecological cancer research organisation for Australia and New Zealand. Our purpose is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancers through conducting and promoting cooperative clinical trials and undertaking multidisciplinary research into causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancer.

Chair's report

It gives me great pleasure to present our 2022 Annual Report which showcases ANZGOG’s achievements over the last year.

ANZGOG continues to expand its trials in operation, in development and in the pipeline. We are fortunate to have 1200 dedicated members working locally and globally to improve life for women affected by gynaecological cancer through research.

We were delighted to be able to open three studies to recruitment this year – HyNOVA, ADELE and PARAGON-II. On the other end of the trial cycle, four studies closed to recruitment after meeting significant recruitment milestones. We thank all participating women and their families, participating hospitals and collaborating trial teams for their long-term commitment to the studies.

Another landmark for this year was having our first face-to-face Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) since 2019. It was a joy to see our members finally catching up in person and discussing a number of exciting new research ideas to take into the future. The meeting created the perfect, open environment for our members to collaborate and foster research innovation.

Survivors Teaching Students® (STS), a consumer-led, ground-breaking education program, continues to go from strength to strength. The 100+ volunteers have presented their personal stories on diagnosis and care to health professional students at Universities across Australia and now also New Zealand with the aim of raising awareness of gynaecological cancer symptoms and the importance of good health communication.

Also this year, ANZGOG released a podcast ‘On the Down Low – speaking up about ovarian cancer’. Through the generosity and dedication of the volunteer team, this podcast gained over 2,000 listens in just two months, with many glowing reviews. The podcast is a new platform for ANZGOG to engage the public in the work that we do.

Public support through donations and partnerships has been well maintained through 2021-22 with WomenCan (ANZGOG’s fundraising arm) and the Team Teal and Honour Her campaigns, engaging the community to increase vital awareness of gynaecological cancer and raise funds to support ANZGOG’s research projects. The 2022 Team Teal campaign was an outstanding success, where over $300,000 was raised by the harness racing community.

I wish to thank all the members, the women taking part in our trials and our staff for another successful year of gynaecological cancer research in Australia and New Zealand, helping ANZGOG to improve life for women with a gynaecological cancer.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as the Chair of ANZGOG for the past four years building on the giant shoulders of the past chairs. The organisation is in very good shape to move ahead over the next 5 years, and I have every confidence that Prof Clare Scott AM will lead the organisation to new heights.

I personally want to thank all the ANZGOG staff and the Board members for all their support during my time as Chair. Together we can continue to provide the platform for more clinical trials to achieve better treatments for women with gynaecological cancers.
Associate Professor Philip Beale
Chair (until March 2022)  | ANZGOG
Incoming Chair's message

My primary goal as Chair of ANZGOG is to continue to improve our core research activity, which is to conduct insightful clinical trials for women with gynaecological cancer. This is what ANZGOG does best, and we aim to do it even better by harnessing improvements in technology as well as the power of the community to help women with gynaecological cancer.

We’re at a great point in our relationships, both nationally and internationally. In the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) – the peak international gynaecological cancer research group – we’re very fortunate to have an even greater number of ANZGOG members in leadership positions, including Prof Alison Brand AM as GCIG Chair! That means that our ANZGOG membership stands to be able to contribute to international clinical trial design, more now than ever before. This is extremely exciting, not only for ANZGOG members, but also for women in Australia and New Zealand with gynaecological cancer.

By increasing access to international clinical trials, Australian women can participate in more trials, with access to a wider range of treatments. This is incredibly important and we hope this means that a greater proportion of women will be able to benefit by responding to treatments that they wouldn’t otherwise have had access to for a further few years.

ANZGOG has achieved so much over the last four years and has grown into an organisation that can now independently sponsor clinical trials and robustly support investigators to successfully submit and run clinical trials - taking particular care to mentor our junior investigators. We would not have been able to do this without the calm leadership and stewardship of both Philip Beale and Alison Evans, and all of their operational team. I’d really like to thank them for all the hard work that they’ve done in getting us to this stage.
Professor Clare Scott AM
Chair Elect (March 2022)  | ANZGOG

The Year at a glance...




28 July 2021

iPRIME closes to recruitment
iPRIME, a study that is trying to better understand the role for immunotherapy in ovarian cancer, closed to recruitment after completing its patient accrual.

1 Sept 2021

HyNOVA opens to recruitment
The HyNOVA study opened to recruitment after activating its first site, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (pictured). The study aims to determine the efficacy of heat during ovarian cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

1 Sept 2021

Honour Her launches
The Honour Her campaign brought together Australian artists and the public to raise funds for gynaecological cancer research and honour women affected by these cancers. Artists, both renowned and emerging, were invited to donate works of art inspired by and in support of women impacted by gynaecological cancers.



16 Sept 2021

Survivors Teaching Students launches in New Zealand
The ground-breaking education program, Survivors Teaching Students (STS), commenced in New Zealand. The volunteer program was first brought to Australia in 2017, enabling survivors to educate health professional students about on women’s experiences with the diseases.

15 Dec 2021

ANZGOG grants $100K to two member research projects
ANZGOG Members Dr Paul Cohen and Prof Kum Kum Khanna were each awarded $100K for their success in the Fund for New Research grant round 2021.

28 Jan 2022

AtTEnD closes to recruitment
The international endometrial cancer trial AtTEnD, led by ANZGOG in Australia and New Zealand, reached its recruitment target of 550 participants, including 48 participants from ANZ.

31 Jan 2022

TIPS closes to recruitment
Led by ANZGOG in collaboration with the NHMRC CTC, the surgical intervention ovarian cancer trial TIPS successfully recruiting 47 patients.

Feb-Mar 2022

Team Teal 2022
The Team Teal campaign continued to engage the harness racing community to increase vital awareness of gynaecological cancer and raise funds to support ANZGOG’s research projects. The 2022 campaign was an outstanding success, where close to $400,000 was raised.

4 Mar 2022

ADELE opens to recruitment
ANZGOG's endometrial cancer study, ADELE, opened to recruitment. Led by Principal Investigator Linda Mileshkin (pictured) & co-chair Yeh Chen Lee, the study plans to open at a further 22 sites in ANZ, with a target of recruiting 135 participants.

23-26 Mar 2022

ANZGOG’s first face-to-face Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) since 2019 took place in Melbourne. The ASM delivered an outstanding program to over 300 delegates centred around the theme of “Pathways to Precision Care”.

31 Mar 2022

New Chair of ANZGOG
Prof Clare Scott, among the world leaders of research into rare cancers, is elected to take on the role of ANZGOG Chair.

31 Mar 2022

EMBRACE closes to recruitment
Led by Principal Investigator Dr Katrin Sjoquist, the EMBRACE study recruited 22 patients in total - 15 patients in the high grade serous ovarian cancer cohort and another 7 patients in the triple negative breast cancer cohort.

8 May 2022

ANZGOG launches a new podcast
ANZGOG launches ‘On the Down Low – speaking up about ovarian cancer’, a new podcast featuring raw and inspiring stories from women with ovarian cancer and their caregivers, who speak in intimate detail about the challenges of living with cancer, and make a powerful call for advocacy, awareness and change.

13 May 2022

Survivors Teaching Students launches in Tasmania
The STS survivors were set up to bravely share their very personal stories with Tasmania’s next generation of doctors with the launch of the innovative education program at the University of Tasmania, enabling the program to now be available in all ANZ states.

31 May 2022

PARAGON II opens to recruitment
ANZGOG’s rare tumour, basket study, PARAGON-II, officially opened to recruitment after activating its first site, Newcastle Private Hospital. The study plans to open at least 15 sites in Australia and New Zealand, with a target of recruiting 182 participants.

12 June 2022

ANZGOG Chair Prof Clare Scott receives AM
ANZGOG Chair, Professor Clare Scott is appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday 2022 Honours list for her significant services to gynaecological cancer.

Summary Of Achievements2021—2022

Research Highlights

This year represented another successful year for ANZGOG’s research portfolio, with three trials opening to recruitment, four completing recruitment, and several new trials under development or poised to commence recruitment in 2022/23. The commitment and determination from our members ensured that we continue to improve life for women through developing pioneering gynaecological cancer research.


ANZGOG was pleased to open three studies - HyNOVA, ADELE, and PARAGON-II - to recruitment this year. The three ANZGOG-led studies are funded by the Australian Government – Medical Research Future Fund in collaboration with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, at the University of Sydney.


ANZGOG met several significant recruitment milestones during 2021-22, enabling four studies to close to recruitment and move into the next stage. ANZGOG thanks all participating women and their families, and participating sites, for their long-term commitment to the studies.

Clinical Trials

Open to recruitment

Ovarian Cancer
Trial Name
Study Chair
Study Milestones
Prof Sandi Hayes

Patient Recruitment: 461/500
Sites Open: 11/11

Dr Katrin Sjoquist

Patient Recruitment: 22/60
Sites Open: 12/12

Assoc Prof Rhonda Farrell

Patient Recruitment: 3/80
Sites Open: 2/5

Prof Linda Mileshkin

Patient Recruitment: 93/110
Sites Open: 19/19

Prof Clare Scott AM,
Assoc Prof Chee Lee (Co-Chair),
Prof Michael Friedlander AM (Co-Chair)

Patient Recruitment: 105/114
Sites Open: 15/15

Prof Kelly-Anne Phillips

Patient Recruitment: 36/70
Sites Open: 6/6

*The HyNOVA study is for stage III epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Trial Name
Study Chair
Study Milestones
Prof Linda Mileshkin
Dr Yeh Chen Lee (Co-Chair)

Patient Recruitment: 0/135
Sites Open: 5/23

Prof Linda Mileshkin

Patient Recruitment: 174/200

Prof Andreas Obermair

Patient Recruitment: 83/760
Sites Open: 5


ANZGOG congratulates members Dr Paul Cohen and Prof Kum Kum Khanna for their success in the Fund for New Research Grant round 2021.

Dr Cohen will be granted $100K for his clinical concept – ‘STRatIfication of Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma by HPV and p53 status to guide Excision: the STRIVE study’.
Prof Khanna will be granted $100K for her
pre-clinical concept – ‘An Effective PARP
Inhibitor-CBL0137 Combination Therapy for high-grade serous ovarian cancers (HGSOCs)'.

There were 15 applications for the Fund for New Research Grant 2021. Each application was reviewed by two assessors and discussed at the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee (RAC). All applications that were supported by the RAC were further reviewed by the Fund for New Research Grant Panel and scored against a criteria for either clinical or pre-clinical studies. The recommended priority projects were finally reviewed and ratified by the ANZGOG Board.

The Fund for New Research is made possible by public donations, bequests and philanthropic grants from charities with shared interests in ANZGOG’s research work. With this support, we have been able to support 16 studies from 2015 to 2021 inclusive.


Established in 2016, The Ovarian cancer Alliance for SIgnal-Seeking clinical trials (OASIS) Initiative matches molecular subtypes of ovarian cancer with targeted new therapies designed to improve women’s lives, and aims to significantly shorten the cycle of clinical testing by:

• Speeding Translation: Strengthen existing links between laboratory and clinical researchers to accelerate the application of research findings.
• Improving cost-efficiency: Develop an infrastructure and culture that enables much more cost-effective trials.
• Developing funding: Establish a pool of funds, with proper governance oversight, to support the prompt initiation of signal-seeking studies once indicators are identified in the lab.


Future directions of OASIS include improving clinical trial access and treatment options to all Australian and New Zealand women with ovarian cancer through a streamlined and improved molecular screening process.


In response to the rapidly rising incidence of endometrial cancer in Australia and New Zealand, ANZGOG established the EnDomEtrial caNcer (EDEN) Research Initiative Steering Committee in 2020-2021. The EDEN team, coordinated by Prof Linda Mileshkin and Assoc Prof Alison Brand AM, will work with national endometrial cancer experts to focus on five key areas of unmet need:


Each of these areas of focus are being developed through collaborative consultation with a group of 60+ volunteer ANZGOG members.

The Steering Committee will drive the strategy for the research and work closely with the Uterine Tumour Working Group who will assist investigators to develop their studies and will engage ANZGOG members, public, philanthropic and pharma funders, as well as local and global collaborators of ANZGOG to achieve the Initiative’s goals.

Canvassing what the population currently understand about endometrial cancer risk factors and symptoms
Groundwork to prepare a national consensus on best practice for
precision-led follow up and surveillance of endometrial cancer
patients. Foster the establishment of a stand-alone advocacy and
Implement pathways of utilising established molecular profiling algorithms to better personalise treatment options and identify and develop novel areas for pre-clinical drug investigation
ANZGOG also welcomed a new member of staff, Dr Kath Alsop, as Project Manager of OASIS and EDEN.


Following its launch in 2020, the Translational ANZGOG (TR-ANZGOG) Research Initiative has reached the implementation stage. Resources developed are being utilised to support ANZGOG trial investigators with the translational aspects of studies at various stages of trial development.

Implementation of TR-ANZGOG into ITTACc and EPOCH will enable current and future translational research for particularly rare tumour types: cervical cancer, and uterine and tubo-ovarian carcinosarcoma.

TR-ANZGOG processes are being tested to facilitate access by ANZGOG Translational Investigators to biospecimens and data from existing cohorts.

Next steps will focus on expanding the TR-ANZGOG Network of Laboratories across Australia and into New Zealand, and building data management  infrastructure.

TR-ANZGOG will meet an ANZGOG strategic goal to build capacity for
translational research by supporting the collection of biospecimens associated
with all ANZGOG trials, provide enduring custodianship for biospecimens, and
maximize the use of biospecimens through research.


Our research is published in leading national and international journals to share the results of our studies with peers around the world.

Several key ANZGOG members attended the ASCO (the American Society of Clinical Oncologists) 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago in June to connect and collaborate with international partners in gynaecological oncology. The meeting enables ANZGOG to contribute to the latest research discussions on the global stage.

Find a full list of ANZGOG’s publications on our website.

Principal Investigator Dr George Au-Yeung
presented a poster for the ANZGOG IGNITE
study at the meeting. Developed by the study team, it highlighted the interim study results and captured the interest of a large and engaged audience.
Prof Linda Mileshkin also attended #ASCO22, presenting a poster for OUTBACK, the ANZGOG-led international cervical cancer study. OUTBACK's practice-changing results were featured in last year's Plenary Session at #ASCO21

Our People

ANZGOG prides itself on how it works, with the strength of its collegial and multidisciplinary approach viewed as a  core foundation that must be maintained. By bringing together the best minds in the region and progressing innovative ideas into important research with clinical relevance, we can improve outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer.


Our membership has grown significantly since our organisation was founded in 2000, doubling in the last eight years to just short of 1,200. ANZGOG's members in every Australian state and New Zealand are dedicated to growing the research portfolio in both treatment, surgery, radiation oncology, quality of life and survivorship.
Together with our staff, donors and partners, our members work to improve life for women through cancer research.

Total members: 423
Total members: 434
Total members: 534
Total members: 703
Total members: 857
Total members: 1061
Total members: 1112
Prof Clare Scott AM (ANZGOG Chair from 31 March 2022)
Assoc Prof Philip Beale (ANZGOG Chair until 30 March 2022)
Prof Alison Brand AM
Dr Alison Davis
Prof Linda Mileshkin (resigned 23 November 2021)
Dr Michelle Wilson (NZ Director)
Prof Paul Cohen
Assoc Prof Pearly Khaw
Assoc Prof Tarek Meniawy
Ms Wanda Lawson
Ms Fiona Erhardt
Ms Donna Long (appointed 30 September 2021)
More information on our current Board of Directors can be found on our webpage.
Our Staff :
ANZGOG has offices in Sydney and Melbourne with a total of 16 staff members, equating to 13.7 FTE. Staff work across research, communications, education, fundraising, finance and administration.


ANZGOG’s 1200 plus members are based at 63 hospitals, universities and research institutions in Australia and New Zealand. These members volunteer their time to help operate the organisation and take part in tumour working groups, research and advisory committees.


“Our consumers are part of our core membership. They have the ability to bring their expertise and experience to our trials, and all aspects of our activities. They are one of our key stakeholders, both inside and outside of ANZGOG, as they remind us just how important research is. I really want us to bring the community with us in every way we possibly can.”

- Prof Clare Scott AM (ANZGOG Chair)


"What those affected by gynaecological cancers want, is for ANZGOG to innovate, drive support for and conduct research trials to improve outcomes for women affected by gynaecological cancers.”

This statement drives the goals of ANZGOG’s Consumer Research Panel (CRP). We believe that clinical trials are our best bet and are critical to advance the science of gynaecological cancers.

This year most of the CRP members attended the ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting in person and I got to meet the team after recruiting members via Zoom.

Mingling with ANZGOG's team helped to crystallize understanding for our newer members about our core role, contributing consumer review to research ideas.

Educationally we attended workshops on “Consumers in research”, "Participation in Tele–Trials” and “Urban Indigenous Cultural Considerations”. The last was an engaging presentation by a young cervical cancer survivor.

The theme of survivorship has been foremost, with the team contributing feedback to GCIG‘s survivorship care plan and participating in a research project on the use of the word “survivorship” in gynaecological cancers.

It is important to the CRP that our researchers find new ways, to not only progress treatments outcomes, but to also improve quality of life for people living with gynae cancers.

Consumer participation in the Tumour Working Groups and the EDEN initiative continues to gain momentum and we look forward to a fruitful and productive year.

Wanda Lawson,
Consumer Research Panel
Members of the Consumer Research Panel attended the ANZGOG 2022
Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Consumers have played a critical role in ANZGOG’s research review process for several years now, thanks to the inspiring and enthusiastic ambassadors who form the Consumer Research Panel (CRP).

    “It’s the mechanism for advice and input from gynaecological cancer survivors and their carers to ANZGOG’s Research Advisory Committee. Its role is key to two-way effective communication between consumers, medics, and researchers.”

    Wanda Lawson,
    Consumer Research Panel
  • “Members of the CRP know what it’s like to be at the coal face of living with a gynaecological cancer diagnosis and undergo treatment. Applying the lived experience of the ‘end user’ to clinical trial development can improve the experience of participants and their carers.”

    Gill Stannard,
    Consumer Research Panel member
  • “I often joke that working as a consumer is the most productive thing I can do with my survivor guilt! It’s an honour to be able to use my lived experience to collaborate with researchers, to ultimately improve outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers.”

    Gill Stannard,
    Consumer Research Panel member


ANZGOG maintains a regular program of education initiatives, including enabling bespoke training of student health professionals, providing insights about clinical trials and gynaecological cancer research to the public, and developing early-career researchers into the next generation of leaders in gynaecological cancer research.

Member Education

ANZGOG continued its commitment to developing the next generation of leaders by providing an outstanding education experience in the shape of an Ovarian Cancer Preceptorship and the first of the Foundations in Gynaecological Cancer Series focusing on Ovarian Cancer in 2021. The attendees had a unique opportunity to gain a greater understanding of best current clinical practice, hearing from many world leaders in the gynaecological cancer space. This engagement of younger members ensures that ANZGOG can continue on after the current leaders have left.

They are the future of ANZGOG.

Preceptorship 2021

The Ovarian Cancer Preceptorship 2021 was held 3 & 4 December 2021 and Chaired by Assoc Prof Tarek Meniawy and Co-Chairs Dr Michelle Wilson and Dr Sally Baron-Hay.

This was a great opportunity for attendees to understand the landmark studies and discuss clinical practice in these cancers, with experts in Australia and New Zealand, and also an excellent learning opportunity for the Fellows and Trainees who presented, including valuable discussion by the mentors and guest panelists.

A total of 53 fellows, trainees, registrars, and early career clinicians attended the sessions virtually.

This Preceptorship was supported by GSK.


ANZGOG, as part of its member education activities, presented a two-day Education Webinar on the Foundations of Gynaecological Cancer focusing on Ovarian Cancer for ANZGOG members and others across the health sector. The Ovarian Cancer Webinar was held on Friday, 13 August and Friday, 20 August and Chaired by Professor Michael Friedlander AM and Associate Professor Philip Beale. Renowned ANZGOG members, leaders in their fields presented on the following topics: pathology of ovarian cancers, surgery, genetics, molecular pathology, chemotherapy 1st line, recurrent ovarian cancer, survivorship, management of uncommon ovarian cancers and consumers in research and education. The webinars were attended by 245 members and provided them with a unique opportunity to hear from these experts in the field including a panel discussion after each webinar. This three-part  Foundations in Gynaecological cancers is supported byAstraZeneca and in 2022 the focus will be on Endometrial Cancer.

This Education Webinar Series was supported by AstraZeneca.

Survivors Teaching Students

Survivors Teaching Students (STS) is a ground-breaking education program that brings the faces and voices of ovarian and other gynaecological cancer survivors and caregivers into the classrooms of health professional students to teach them about women’s experiences with the diseases.

STS has had a successful fourth year, now with a fully implemented program running in all Australian States, ACT and New Zealand. The program's volunteers are now working with 21 universities, mainly with medical schools and with increasing interest from nursing and health sciences schools.

COVID has resulted in the majority of the participating universities continuing with online (via Zoom) tuition. The 10 STS volunteer teams across Australia and New Zealand continue sharing their stories via a hybrid model, in person at some Schools in QLD and WA. Increasingly women and caregivers affected by all gynaecological cancers join the STS Program to share their stories and provide students with a breadth of experience, though the focus remains ovarian cancer.

“The STS program gives me a precious opportunity, alongside other ovarian cancer survivors and carers, to share our stories directly with medical and nursing students. We take them away from their textbooks, and into real life… It’s a profound and memorable session - and that’s our aim - for we want to make a positive, lasting impact… it's our legacy... hoping to improve survival rates and helping to shape future care for women with ovarian cancer.”

Heather Hawkins,
Survivors Teaching Students Volunteer 2022

What is Survivors Teaching Students?

  • “It felt great being able to share knowledge, hear personal stories, getting good questions from the students helps everyone realise their stories strike a chord not met by traditional teaching.”

    STS Presenter
  • “This form of learning helps students confront the realities behind every condition. While we learn about the theoretical aspects of each condition, the patient experiences that accompany these conditions are just as important and necessary.”

    Medical student WSU
  • “It was such a phenomenal and humbling presentation. The speakers really brought home both the devastation and hope that can arise from ovarian cancer, and it will certainly be at the forefront of my mind as a differential in women.”

    Medical student UQ
  • “Your presentation sets up this course of interrogating health data perfectly as it gets the students thinking about why clear communication of complex health data is so important and reminds them that there is a real-life connection between the datasets they analyse and the patients/volunteers who contribute to these studies.”

    Lecturer, School of medical sciences, USYD

‘On The Down Low – speaking up about ovarian cancer’ is a podcast featuring raw and inspiring stories from women with ovarian cancer and their caregivers, who speak in intimate detail about the challenges of living with cancer, and make a powerful call for advocacy, awareness and change.
Hosted by Alison Dance, the six-part series follows the arc of an ovarian cancer journey covering topics including symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and side effects, challenges with finances, relationships and intimacy, issues specific to regional and younger women, research, clinical trials, recurrence, hope and advocacy.
This ANZGOG Podcast is supported by Westfield Sydney. Dr Helen Gooden, STS National Manager was named a Westfield Sydney Local Hero 2021 with the $10,000 prize money directed towards producing this first series of “On the Down Low: speaking up about ovarian cancer”.


TRAILER on On The Down Low | 3mins | 28 April 2022

Join Alison Dance as she speaks to women with ovarian cancer and their carers, sharing raw and inspiring stories. A powerful call for advocacy, awareness and change, this podcast encourages the health conversations women need to have. Join the call for change today #OnTheDownLowPodcast. On The Down Low is available on all major podcast apps from May 8 2022.

read more about the podcast

Meet the cast

Strategic Partnerships & Collaboration

ANZGOG actively engages with our members, the Australian and New Zealand clinical research community and our international partners to ensure the relevance, vibrancy and impact of our research agenda. ANZGOG collaborates with organisations with a similar agenda to address shared challenges. These collaborations are the key to ANZGOG’s success and support our diverse research activity and our work as a leader in gynaecological cancer research.


Local Collaborations


International Collaborations

2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

ANZGOG’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 2022 was held on the 23-26 March at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne. The ASM delivered an outstanding program to over 300 delegates centered around the theme of “Pathways to Precision Care”.

The hybrid model of this year’s ASM brought together national and international experts in gynaecological medicine, radiation and surgical oncology, pathology, basic scientists, translational and quality of life researchers, study coordinators and nurses, as well as pharmaceutical industry partners. The ANZGOG ASM enables delegates to learn about the latest developments in gynaecological cancer and an opportunity to build collaborations among members and industry personnel.

Many presentations at this year’s ASM focused on exploring pathways from translational research into the development of clinical trials and reviewing how molecular profiling and genetics are shaping the management of ovarian and endometrial cancer.



Delegates were fortunate to hear from our three keynote international speakers:

Dr Ana Oaknin (Medical Oncologist, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain) 
Pathways beyond BRCA?

Dr David Gaffney (Radiation Oncologist, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA) 
Clinical Research: Pedestrian, Personal, Personalized & Powerful
Prof Anna Fagotti (Gynaecological Oncologist, Policlinico A. Gemelli Foundation, Rome, Italy)
Role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy & CRS in advanced endometrial cancer

Other presentation highlights included those in the Pure Science Symposium, Controversies in Gynaecological Cancer, and Quality of Life and Survivorship sessions. Updates on ANZGOG’s Initiatives – EDEN, OASIS, and TR-ANZGOG and ANZGOG trials currently open to recruitment highlighted some of ANZGOG’s achievements and challenges to date.

  • “After so much preparation, anxieties about COVID, and whether (and in what format) our annual scientific meeting would happen- it did, here in Melbourne and in a combination format of live face to face and virtual. It was so wonderful to meet together again. The vibe and enthusiasm for being together was the ONLY infectious presence at the meeting. Already it is clear that the benefits of coming together is so important with plans for future trial and research opportunities afoot.”

    Assoc Prof Yoland Antill,
    Deputy Chair - ASM Steering Committee
  • “It was fantastic to see everyone again and what a celebration! The ANZGOG team, ENCANTA and the incredible organising committee did an amazing job at making this happen. As always, thank you to our sponsors. Looking forward to 2023!”

    Dr Michelle Harrison
    Chair - ASM Steering Committee
Overall, the ASM was a successful event, made possible by the contributions and efforts of many. ANZGOG would like to thank Dr Michelle Harrison, Assoc Prof Yoland Antill and the ASM Steering Committee for preparing a meaningful ASM program, Encanta and EventFrog for the successful management of the hybrid meeting, and to all the speakers, session chairs and poster presenters for their outstanding presentations. In particular, ANZGOG congratulates the following award recipients:

Abstract Awards 2022:

Best Main Conference Abstract Award

Dr Oliver Klein

Ipillimumab and nivolumab combination immunotherapy in patients with rare gynaecological malignancies: results of a multi-centre, phase 2 trial (CA209-538)

Best Pure Science Abstract Award

Dr Nikki Burdett

‘The genomic landscape of resistance in HR-deficient high grade serous ovarian cancer’

Best Poster Abstract Award

Dr Dongli Liu

‘GZD824 inhibits endometrial cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion in vitro.'

International Collaborations

Global Leadership
Local Collaborations

ANZGOG has a long-term relationship with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), at the University of Sydney, who have acted as a sponsor of our larger trials. Currently, ANZGOG has eight open trials in collaboration with the CTC, and a further three in development.

Strong local collaborations are fostered with institutions such as Sydney and Melbourne Universities, Walter & Eliza Hall, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland University of Technology and University of Western Australia are ensuring a diverse approach to research ideas and clinical trial development.

ANZGOG also works closely with other cooperative cancer clinical trials groups, the Quality of Life Office, CREST Health Economics to foster new trials and contribute to their development.

Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) and the Genomic Cancer Clinical Trials Initiative (GCCTI).
Dr Katrin Sjoquist
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Walter & Eliza Hall
Prof Clare Scott
Assoc Prof Chee Lee (Co-Chair)
Prof Michael Friedlander AM (Co-Chair)
Prof Magdalena Plebanski (Translational Chair)
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre and Griffith University
Prof Sandi Hayes
University of Queensland (Queensland Centre of Gynaecological Cancer)
Prof Andreas Obermair



WomenCan is the fundraising arm of ANZGOG, funding research and education programs conducted by ANZGOG’s membership.

WomenCan’s mission is to engage with the community to fund pioneering discoveries that will enable women with gynaecological cancer to live better and live longer.

Donations & Community

Financials & Performance

“We must continue to grow our financial stability. This gives us freedom to express
our ideas and sends a message to our members that their concepts can be supported
and developed into clinical trials.”

Assoc Prof Phil Beale, ANZGOG Chair

Financial Summaries

Committed to current and planned Research and Education projects

Total Equity Including Project Reserves

Financial Summaries

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Total Comprehensive Income for the year
Download the full Annual Financial Report for the year ending 30 June 2022, audited by BDO Audit Pty Ltd.

Financial research

FUNDING Research

ANZGOG has collaborative agreements both locally and globally with research institutions and other clinical trial groups. It also conducts a number of its clinical trials in collaboration with the University of Sydney and its NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC). The University of Sydney supports ANZGOG with grant applications, sponsorship of agreed trials and coordination of the trial operations.


Government grant funding for the benefit of ANZGOG clinical trials projects achieved under the collaboration is administered by the University of Sydney and is received annually to support these research activities.


The Cancer Australia Support for Cancer Clinical Trials Program, provides $500,000 annually to ANZGOG to support research development work by our research staff, consumer engagement and education activities and research development workshops.