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2021 ANZGOG Annual report

The Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) is the peak national gynaecological cancer research organisation for Australia and New Zealand. Our purpose is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancers through conducting and promoting cooperative clinical trials and undertaking multidisciplinary research into causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancer.
A message from

the Chair

Despite the challenges of 2021, ANZGOG’s clinical research activity has grown. Our members and staff have shown resilience and determination, delivering a busy trial portfolio along with membership growth with a focus on a diverse portfolio of clinical trials in gynaecological cancer.

Endometrial cancer was a priority in 2021. We opened the AtTEnd international study in Australia and implemented ANZGOG’s new endometrial cancer research initiative, EDEN. The catalyst for EDEN was an Endometrial Cancer Research Workshop with researchers attending from across Australia and New Zealand, representing surgical, medical oncology, radiation oncology, quality of life and pre-clinical and translational researchers, as well as cancer consumers. A Steering Committee has now been established and will be leading the development of the next stage of the EDEN initiative.

ANZGOG’s ovarian cancer trials continued to grow with the SOLACE2 and IGNITE studies achieving their 50% recruitment milestones, whilst the exercise intervention study ECHO was awarded $2m by Cancer Council Queensland’s Accelerating Collaborative Research Program.

We are committed to sharing outcomes of our research to help drive improvements in clinical practice. The ANZGOG-led international cervical cancer study, OUTBACK, was selected for a plenary session at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) 2021 Annual Meeting. The study results were negative but highlighted a need for change in clinical practice in many countries participating in the study and were a focal point for the ASCO communication in 2021.

ANZGOG ‘s translational research initiative TR-ANZGOG was officially launched by Professor Anna DeFazio at ANZGOG’s virtual Annual General Meeting on 22 October 2020.

Our 2021 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting was our most attended event to date, with a total of 340 registrations. It was a successful, stimulating event made by the enormous efforts and contributions of many.

The volunteers of the Survivors Teaching Students program pivoted to virtual during COVID-19 and continued to be a force to be reckoned with. The 100+ volunteers shared their personal stories on diagnosis and care to health professional students at Universities across Australia.

Public support through donations and partnerships has been well maintained through 2021 with WomenCan and Team Teal engaging the community to increase vital awareness of gynaecological cancer and raise funds to support ANZGOG’s research projects.

I wish to thank all of the members, patients and our staff for another successful year of gynaecological cancer research in Australia and New Zealand, helping ANZGOG to improve life for women with a gynaecological cancer.

Associate Professor Philip Beale
Chair | ANZGOG

The YEar at a glance...

20 Aug 2020

AtTEnd, an endometrial cancer trial, opens to recruitment in Australia.

Sept 2020

Save the Box September – fundraising and awareness campaign – held throughout Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, including contributions and support from Australian artists.

3 Sept 2020

Endometrial cancer workshop held, where 61 attendees discussed issues and shared ideas for how best to improve outcomes.

22 Oct 2020

TR-ANZGOG, ANZGOG’s world-class translational research initiative, officially launches at the ANZGOG 2020 Annual General Meeting, achieving a strategic milestone.

6 Nov 2020

Exercise-intervention trial - ECHO - receives a $2m grant from Cancer Council QLD through Griffith University to expand the study.

27 & 28 Nov 2020

ANZGOG hosts Cervical & Vulvar Preceptorships, with 98 fellows, trainees, registrars, and early career clinicians attending virtually.

11 Nov & 1 Dec 2020

As part of its member education activities, ANZGOG presented two webinars - Ovarian Cancer Systems of Care. Supported by AstraZeneca, the webinars were attended by 229 health professionals from ANZ, Asia and Europe.

26 Jan 2021

ANZGOG Director Alison Brand appointed Member of the Order of Australia for her significant service to gynaecology, medicine and medical organisations in the Australia Day awards.

5 & 12 Feb 2021

ANZGOG hosted its first Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting - delivering an interactive and meaningful program to 354 delegates – researchers, clinicians, nurses, study coordinators and those with an interest in gynaecological cancer research.

1 Feb &
14 March 2021

WomenCan’s annual Team Teal campaign raises over $371,000 through 429 reinswoman wins, pledges, sponsorships, merchandise sales and community fundraising.

30 April 2021

ANZGOG Director Alison Brand AM appointed Chair-Elect to the Gynecological Cancer InterGroup (GCIG), demonstrating ANZGOG’s global presence in the gynaecological oncology space.

6 June 2021

*Endometrial cancer study – PHAEDRA – has its results published by the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer.

8 June 2021

A significant international study in cervical cancer treatment, the ANZGOG-led OUTBACK trial was presented at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting Plenary Session to reveal its practice-changing results.

30 June 2021

OASIS study, IGNITE, receives support to expand recruitment to the study.

Summary Of Achievements2020—2021

achievements infographic

Research Highlights

This year represented another successful year for ANZGOG’s research portfolio, with one trial opening to recruitment, several new trials under development or poised to commence recruitment in 2022, and the official launch of the TR-ANZGOG initiative - a key strategic milestone from our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The commitment and determination from our members ensured that we continue to improve life for women through developing pioneering gynaecological cancer research.

TR-ANZGOG launches

Translational ANZGOG, ‘TR-ANZGOG’, is an exciting ANZGOG research initiative established to achieve a 2018 ANZGOG Strategic Goal: “World-class translational research in gynaecological cancers”.

The TR-ANZGOG research initiative achieved a key milestone this year, launching at the ANZGOG AGM in October 2020 with a presentation by TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee Chair, Professor Anna DeFazio and TR-ANZGOG Project Manager, Claire Davies.

Coinciding with this launch, the TR-ANZGOG Information and Resource Portal, available through ANZGOG’s website, went live for ANZGOG members.

The key elements needed to integrate TR-ANZGOG into future ANZGOG trials have now been established. ITTACc will be the first ANZGOG trial to implement TR-ANZOG with the first TR-ANZGOG participants anticipated early 2022, commencing establishment of an important resource to enable future translational research.

Another significant milestone was the approval of the first TR-ANZGOG Network Laboratories. TR-ANZGOG Network Laboratories will help process, store and distribute samples generously donated by women participating in ANZGOG trials, to maximize both the woman’s participation, and the financial investment made in the trial.

anna defazio

“It was a pleasure to finally launch TR-ANZGOG this year, after extensive consultation and a huge amount of work to ensure that the pieces of the puzzle were ready and aligned with what ANZGOG will need for the next-generation of clinical trials, from a translational research perspective.”

Prof Anna DeFazio, TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee Chair

Finding Success

Building on existing grant success, TR-ANZGOG was awarded philanthropic funding through two Perpetual Foundation endowments. ANZGOG would like to acknowledge the Perpetual Foundation - Kevin Darrell Clarke Endowment and the Perpetual Foundation - The Russell Medical Endowment for their generous support of this important program. Funds will be utilised for: procurement and development of information technology solutions for efficient and comprehensive biospecimen tracking and management.

“The TR-ANZGOG initiative has not come a moment too soon, with a raft of new ANZGOG trials due to open, and with the anticipated increased reliance on biospecimens and molecular pathology. TR-ANZGOG will assist investigators with biospecimen aspects of trial protocols, ensuring adequate skills and resources are available to fully leverage the value of biospecimens for translational research.”

Prof Anna DeFazio


EDEN Research Initiative Focus Groups

The ANZGOG Endometrial Cancer (EDEN) Research Initiative Steering Committee was established in 2020-2021 to consider the best approach to achieve the strategic direction for ANZGOG’s commitment in further developing its endometrial cancer clinical trials portfolio. The EDEN Steering Committee, Chaired by Prof Linda Mileshkin with Deputy Chair Assoc Prof Alison Brand AM, identified 5 key areas of focus for the initiative as a whole:

Risk Assessment and Prevention (incl Obesity), Early Detection and Surgical Issues
Survivorship, Surveillance and Rehabilitation
Adjuvant Therapies & Relapsed Disease
Basic and Translational Research
Funding and Patient Advocacy

Each of these areas of focus are being developed through collaborative consultation with a group of 60+ volunteer ANZGOG members.

The Steering Committee will drive the strategy for the research and work closely with the Uterine Tumour Working Group who will assist investigators to develop their studies and will engage ANZGOG members, public, philanthropic and pharma funders, as well as local and global collaborators of ANZGOG to achieve the Initiative’s goals.

Signal Seeking Ovarian Cancer Research

Due to positive signalling from an interim analysis, ANZGOG received approval to expand one of IGNITE’s cohorts – the Cyclin E1 over-expressed without gene amplification cohort - doubling the total number of planned patients in that cohort (now 64 patients).

A study in ANZGOG’s OASIS Initiative, IGNITE is a phase II trial testing whether the use of adavosertib will provide clinical benefit to women with recurrent high-grade serous ovarian cancer. The study is open to recruitment at 10 sites across Australia.

ANZGOG drives a series of world-class research programs including OASIS, matching molecular subtypes of ovarian cancer with targeted new therapies designed to improve women’s lives.

The OASIS research model aims to significantly shorten the cycle of clinical testing by:

  • Speeding Translation: Strengthen existing links between laboratory and clinical researchers to accelerate the application of research findings,
  • Improving cost-efficiency: Develop an infrastructure and culture that enables much more cost-effective trials,
  • Developing funding: Establish a pool of funds, with proper governance oversight, to support the prompt initiation of signal-seeking studies once indicators are identified in the lab.
Clare Scott

“ANZGOG’s OASIS provides an essential platform for our researchers and women, who together are focused on improving ovarian cancer outcomes. By speeding translation, and funding the most cost-efficient trials, we ensure that the most exciting drugs will be available for Australian women who so desperately need access to new treatments. ANZGOG’s OASIS provides urgently needed breakthrough data about the next wave of drugs important for targeting ovarian cancer.”

Prof Clare Scott

Chair - OASIS Steering Committee

IGNITE Clinical Trial Explained

Clinical Trials

Open to recruitment

Trial Name
Study Chair
Study Milestones
Prof Sandi Hayes

Patient Recruitment: 367/500
Sites Open: 9/11

Prof Linda Mileshkin

Patient Recruitment: 79/110
Sites Open: 18/19

Prof Clare Scott,
Assoc Prof Chee Lee (Co-Chair),
Prof Michael Friedlander AM (Co-Chair)
Prof Magdalena Plebanski (Translational Chair)

Patient Recruitment: 78/114
Sites Open: 15/15

Dr Katrin Sjoquist

Patient Recruitment: 16/60
Sites Open: 11/12

Assoc Prof Tarek Meniawy

Patient Recruitment: 73/75
Sites Open: 10/10

Prof Linda Mileshkin

Patient Recruitment: 1/15
Sites Open: 4/6

Prof Kelly-Anne Phillips

Patient Recruitment: 23/70
Sites Open: 6/6

Assoc Prof Alison Brand AM

Patient Recruitment: 32/60
Sites Open: 4/6

Dr Ali Freimund

Patient Recruitment: 0/40
Sites Open: 6/7

Dr George Au-Yeung

Patient Recruitment: 55/96
Sites Open: 9/11

*1 position accrued during international competitive recruitment
Trial Name
Study Chair
Study Milestones
Assoc Prof Yoland Antill

Patient Recruitment: 26/40
Sites Open: 15/15

Prof Linda Mileshkin

Planned Sample Size: 200-500

Accrual: 74

ANZGOG’s Publications


The ANZGOG-led international study has been regarded as one of the most important cervical cancer research advances in the past year. The trial was presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting Plenary Session to reveal its highly anticipated results.

OUTBACK is a phase 3, randomised trial of adjuvant chemotherapy after chemoradiation as primary treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer compared to chemoradiation alone. The trial results were described as “immediately practice-changing” by ASCO President Lori J. Pierce, MD, FASTRO, FASCO.

OUTBACK is an academic collaboration of ANZGOG, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney, and NRG Oncology under the auspices of the international Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG). The study began in 2011 and recruited 926 women across seven countries.

  • “The OUTBACK results confirm that chemoradiation alone is currently our best standard treatment for women with locally advanced cervical cancer. The addition of adjuvant chemotherapy did not improve 5-year survival rates, but it did add significant side effects. Although some oncologists have been giving adjuvant chemotherapy outside of trials while awaiting the results of OUTBACK, this practice should now stop. We need to find ways to improve the tolerability and completion of standard chemoradiation, as well as investigate other ways to improve survival rates for this group of women.”

    Principal Investigator of OUTBACK,
    Prof Linda Mileshkin
  • “OUTBACK has been a fantastic effort from investigators and trial units around the world. This global effort has culminated in a high-quality, rigorously conducted clinical trial, producing robust results that answer an important question for women with cervical cancer. Great credit is due to Principal Investigator Professor Linda Mileshkin for her pivotal role together with ANZGOG and our collaborators in generating these important results. Our heartfelt thanks go to the women, and their families, who participated in this trial, enabling us to move forward and test new ideas to improve the outcomes of women affected by cervical cancer”

    Assoc Prof Philip Beale,
    Chair of ANZGOG

PHAEDRA publication

ANZGOG’s PHAEDRA study examined the activity of the immunotherapeutic agent durvalumab in women with advanced endometrial cancer that were either dMMR or pMMR. Led by Principal Investigator Assoc Prof Yoland Antill, the study was a Phase II clinical trial conducted in Australia and included women with both types of advanced endometrial cancer. Women received an immune therapy known as durvalumab. PHAEDRA recruited 71 patients in Australia.

PHAEDRA’s results were published by the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer in June 2021.

An abstract about the PHAEDRA study was accepted to be a part of the ASCO 2021 Poster Session – Gynecologic Cancer. The abstract lead author is ANZGOG Member Dr Deborah Smith, Consultant Anatomical Pathologist at Mater Pathology, QLD.

We thank all contributing groups involved in these achievements.

Yoland Antil

“The encouraging outcomes are consistent with results coming out from other trials that have tested different immunotherapies in endometrial cancer, and certainly implies a change to the way we should consider treating dMMR endometrial cancers, but also points to the need for further research to understand how to improve on the response to immune therapy, particularly in the pMMR cancers.”

Assoc Prof Yoland Antill, Principal Investigator - PHAEDRA

Our People

ANZGOG prides itself on how it works, with the strength of its collegial and multidisciplinary approach viewed as a core foundation that must be maintained. By bringing together the best minds in the region and progressing innovative ideas into important research with clinical relevance, we can improve outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer.


Total members: 423
Total members: 434
Total members: 534
Total members: 703
Total members: 857
Total members: 1061
Total members: 1112

Our membership has grown significantly since our organisation was founded in 2000, doubling in the last seven years to over 1,100. ANZGOG's members in every Australian state and New Zealand are dedicated to growing the research portfolio in both treatment, surgery, radiation oncology, quality of life and survivorship.

Together with our staff, donors and partners, our members work to improve life for women through cancer research.

Assoc Prof Philip Beale (ANZGOG Chair)
Assoc Prof Alison Brand
Dr Alison Davis
Prof Clare Scott
Prof Linda Mileshkin
Dr Michelle Wilson (NZ Director)
Dr Paul Cohen
Dr Pearly Khaw
Ms Fiona Erhardt (Appointed March, 2021)
Assoc Prof Tarek Meniawy
Ms Wanda Lawson
More information on our current Board of Directors can be found on our webpage.
Our Staff :
ANZGOG has offices in Sydney and Melbourne with a total of 14 staff members, equating to 12 FTE. Staff work across research, communications, education, fundraising, finance and administration.
Our Committees:
ANZGOG is grateful to our 91 members who volunteer their time to contribute to gynaecological cancer research via our committees.

How women are helping to shape ANZGOG’s research

The Consumer Research Panel (CRP) plays an important role in ANZGOG’s research, both as patients and advisors. The CRP is an ANZGOG committee that enables gynaecological cancer survivors and caregivers to offer input and advice to members, the Research Advisory Committee, Tumour Working Groups, and the Board of Directors.
  • Consumers have played a critical role in ANZGOG’s research review process for several years now, thanks to the inspiring and enthusiastic ambassadors who form the Consumer Research Panel (CRP).

    “It’s the mechanism for advice and input from gynaecological cancer survivors and their carers to ANZGOG’s Research Advisory Committee. Its role is key to two-way effective communication between consumers, medics, and researchers.”

    Wanda Lawson,
    Consumer Research Panel
  • “Members of the CRP know what it’s like to be at the coal face of living with a gynaecological cancer diagnosis and undergo treatment. Applying the lived experience of the ‘end user’ to clinical trial development can improve the experience of participants and their carers.”

    Gill Stannard,
    Consumer Research Panel member
  • “I often joke that working as a consumer is the most productive thing I can do with my survivor guilt! It’s an honour to be able to use my lived experience to collaborate with researchers, to ultimately improve outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers.”

    Gill Stannard,
    Consumer Research Panel member

CRP Summary Report

With conferences being virtual, CRP members attended ANZGOG’s ASM, including a workshop on Quality of Life (QoL) & Economic Evaluation in Research. Members also attended the COSA Survivorship Conference, “Life after Cancer, Reimagined, Redefined and Rebuilt” with its key topic of “Achieving Equity for all Survivors”. Equity in clinical trials is a core CRP focus.

CRP members took their turn too at presenting with sessions at the ANZGOG Ovarian Cancer Webinar. As subject matter experts we contributed to the development of an online education resource for consumers, supplying video content on the role of the CRP and specialist topics from a consumer perspective.

The EDEN Initiative has been a big focus this year. Our CRP Chair Wanda Lawson is a member of the steering committee and co-chairs the “Funding and Patient Advocacy work group”. Within EDEN, CRP members are also participants in the Survivorship work group.

In addition to our normal reviews of RAC submitted concepts, we have contributed to the Taper Endometrial Cancer Grant application and commented along with a consumer team from Germany on the GCIG developed Survivorship Care Plan for Gynaecological patients.

Wanda Lawson,
Consumer Research Panel
CRP Summary Report


ANZGOG maintains a regular program of education initiatives enabling bespoke training of student health professionals and early-career researchers, developing the next generation of leaders in gynaecological cancer.

Member Education

ANZGOG continued its commitment to developing the next generation of leaders by providing an outstanding education experience in the shape of a cervical and vulvar cancer preceptorship and a two-part ovarian cancer webinar series. The attendees had a unique opportunity to gain a greater understanding of best current clinical practice, hearing from many world leaders in the gynaecological cancer space.

This engagement of younger members ensures that ANZGOG can continue on after the current leaders have left.

They are the future of ANZGOG.
581 attendees at educational events4 education opportunities

Preceptorship 2020

The Cervical and Vulval Cancer Preceptorship 2020 was held 27 & 28 November 2020 and Chaired by Dr Michelle Harrison and Dr Peey-Sei Kok.

This was a great opportunity for attendees to understand the landmark studies and discuss clinical practice in these cancers, with experts in Australia and New Zealand, and also an excellent learning opportunity for the Fellows and Trainees who presented, including valuable discussion by the mentors and guest panelists.

A total of 98 fellows, trainees, registrars, and early career clinicians attended the sessions virtually.

Michael Krasovitsky

“The ANZGOG preceptorships are about more than just learning up-to-date, best practice approaches to the management of gynaecological cancers. They are an opportunity to collaborate, to learn from one another, to advocate for women with gynaecological malignancies, and to become excited about the future of our professions.”

Dr Michael Krasovitsky, Medical Oncologist

Ovarian Cancer Webinar -
Ovarian Cancer Systems of Care

ANZGOG, as part of its member education activities, presented a two-part Education Webinar Series for ANZGOG members and others across the health sector.

Chaired by Professor Andreas Obermair and Associate Professor Tarek Meniawy, the webinars featured presentations by leading ANZGOG members - Prof Michael Friedlander AM, Prof Clare Scott, Assoc Prof Phlip Beale, and Dr Paul Cohen, providing updates on the latest developments in diagnosis and genetic testing, medical and surgical interventions, as well as follow-up.

The webinars were attended by 228 members and provided them with a unique opportunity to hear from these experts in the field including a panel discussion after each webinar. This Education Webinar Series was supported by AstraZeneca.

Survivors Teaching Students

Survivors Teaching Students (STS) is a ground-breaking education program that brings the faces and voices of ovarian and other gynaecological cancer survivors and caregivers into the classrooms of health professional students to teach them about women’s experiences with the diseases.

As STS completes its third year in Australia, the program is now working across five states, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and SA. Managing COVID-19 lockdowns, our 10 STS volunteer teams across Australia continued sharing their stories via a hybrid model, online (via Zoom) and in-person at some Schools in QLD and WA. Though the focus of STS is ovarian cancer, 2020 saw us expand to include all gynaecological cancers.

“I am beyond proud of how successful the Survivors Teaching Students program has become in such a short time and just how many university students we have reached across Australia. The program has created an incredible community of wonderful caring women and men, passionately raising awareness of ovarian cancer amongst the medical professionals of the future.”

Bronwyn Grout,
Ovarian cancer survivor and foundation STS volunteer who introduced STS to ANZGOG

What is Survivors Teaching Students?

  • “STS is much more than an education/awareness program for medical and nursing students. It is also a space where women and their families can feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves, where their experience of living with ovarian cancer can be put to good use. One health professional with a good understanding of ovarian cancer has the potential to benefit hundreds, if not thousands of ovarian cancer patients over the years of their career, both directly and by informing the practices within their workplaces.”

    Kristin Young,
    Ovarian cancer survivor and long-term STS volunteer
  • “I did not have much prior knowledge of ovarian cancer. This was one of the best educational methods I have experienced. Having real people who are/have been affected by the actual illness is incredibly engaging and effective, it makes it very real and impossible not to pay attention and listen.”

    University of Notre Dame nursing student
    (March 2021)

Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations

ANZGOG actively engages with our members, the Australian and New Zealand clinical research community and our international partners to ensure the relevance, vibrancy and impact of our research agenda.
ANZGOG collaborates with organisations with a similar agenda to address shared challenges. These collaborations are the key to ANZGOG’s success and support our diverse research activity and our work as a leader in gynaecological cancer research.

Local Collaborations


International Collaborations


2021 Annual Scientific Meeting

ANZGOG’s Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 2021 was held over two days: Friday 5 February for the Pure Science Symposium, and Friday 12 February for the main conference program. The theme of this year’s ASM was 'From Research to Clinical Practice – Patient-Reported Outcomes in Gynaecological Cancers'.

ANZGOG’s first virtual ASM delivered an interactive and meaningful program to over 350 delegates – researchers, clinicians, nurses, study coordinators and those with an interest in gynaecological cancer research.

The Pure Science Symposium was an excellent opportunity to highlight the variety and significance of work performed by our pre-clinical researchers to better understand gynaecological cancers. It was also an invaluable opportunity for our pre-clinical and clinical researchers to engage and collaborate.


registrations (the most we’ve ever had!)

After the postponement of last year’s ASM, we thank our three keynote international speakers who joined us virtually to each deliver outstanding and insightful presentations:

Prof Nicoletta Colombo
(Gynaecological Oncologist, University of Milan, Italy)
Secondary debulking surgery for recurrent ovarian cancer – What I do and why.

Prof Amit Oza
(Medical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada)
Ovarian Cancer Building on BRCA: Where Next?

Prof Wui-Jin Koh
(Radiation Oncologist, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Pennsylvania, USA)
Defining optimal care for gynaecologic cancers – how do we incorporate patient-reported outcomes into decision making?

  • “In the tradition of previous ANZGOG meetings, our 2021 virtual ASM provided an excellent opportunity for researchers, clinicians, scientists, nurses, and study coordinators, to hear about the practice-changing research being generated by ANZGOG and our collaborators, that is improving outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers.”

    Dr Paul Cohen,
    2021 ASM Convenor
  • “Although exceptional circumstances prevented us from meeting in person, the ANZGOG spirit of collaboration was very evident with interactions through live chat and the outstanding Q&A sessions. The ASM was highly stimulating, and I have no doubt that the outstanding presentations from international and national leaders in gynaecological oncology, and the selected oral abstracts and e-posters, will foster novel research ideas and result in an increasing number of sites in Australia and New Zealand recruiting patients to clinical trials.”

    Dr Paul Cohen
    2021 ASM Convenor

All the presentations across the two days of the ASM were exceptional, and in particular ANZGOG congratulates the following award recipients:

  • Pure Science Oral Abstract: Dr Carolina Salazar – Genomics and organoids: Developing 3D-based therapeutic options for mucinous ovarian cancer
  • General Oral Abstract: Prof Michael Friedlander AM – Maintenance olaparib for patients (pts) with newly diagnosed, advanced ovarian cancer (OC) and a BRCA mutation (BRCAm): 5-year (y) follow-up (f/u) from SOLO1
  • General Poster: Ms Bonnie Werner
  • Pure Science Poster: Dr Gwo-Yaw Ho

Other presentations included an update from Wanda Lawson on behalf of the Consumer Research Panel (CRP), updates from the Principal Investigators of ANZGOG trials currently open to recruitment, and an exciting new research concept put forth by a team of nurses, which we hope to hear more about in the future.
The ASM closed with presentations from Prof Michael Friedlander AM, Prof Madeleine King, and Prof Phyllis Butow, highlighting the progress, challenges, and strategies in integrating Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) in gynaecological cancer trials and practice. The discussions during this session highlighted the importance and relevance of the theme of this year’s ASM.

Overall, the ASM was a successful event made by the enormous efforts and contributions of many. ANZGOG would like to thank Dr Paul Cohen and the ASM Steering Committee for preparing a fantastic ASM program, YRD for their expertise to deliver an engaging virtual conference, and to all the speakers, session chairs and poster presenters for their outstanding presentations.

International Collaborations

Global Leadership

AtTEnd opens to recruitment

The AtTEnd clinical trial is for women with advanced stage or recurrent endometrial cancer and will assess whether the use of the immune therapy atezolizumab is of additional benefit to current, first line chemotherapy combination.

AtTEnd is in collaboration with Mario Negri Gynecology Oncology Group (MaNGO) and the NHMRC CTC and is currently recruiting at various clinical sites around Australia and New Zealand.

“The study is helping to answer a very important question about the role of immune therapy in non-mismatch repair-deficient tumours, by also seeking to improve the outcomes for women with advanced endometrial cancer.”

Assoc Prof Yoland Antill
AtTEnd Principal Investigator
Local Collaborations

ANZGOG has a long-term relationship with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), at the University of Sydney, who have acted as a sponsor of our larger trials. Currently, ANZGOG has eight open trials in collaboration with the CTC, and a further three in development.

Strong local collaborations are fostered with institutions such as Sydney and Melbourne Universities, Walter & Eliza Hall, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland University of Technology and University of Western Australia are ensuring a diverse approach to research ideas and clinical trial development.

ANZGOG also works closely with other cooperative cancer clinical trials groups, the Quality of Life Office, CREST Health Economics to foster new trials and contribute to their development.

Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) and the Genomic Cancer Clinical Trials Initiative (GCCTI).
Dr Katrin Sjoquist
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Walter & Eliza Hall
Prof Clare Scott
Assoc Prof Chee Lee (Co-Chair)
Prof Michael Friedlander AM (Co-Chair)
Prof Magdalena Plebanski (Translational Chair)
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre and Griffith University
Prof Sandi Hayes
University of Queensland (Queensland Centre of Gynaecological Cancer)
Prof Andreas Obermair



WomenCan is the fundraising arm of ANZGOG, funding research and education programs conducted by ANZGOG’s membership. WomenCan’s mission is to engage the community to fund pioneering discoveries that will enable women with a gynaecological cancer to live better and live longer. In a challenging year, we pivoted to focus on core areas of fundraising, that with limited resources could bring the greatest return. Team Teal with the Harness Racing industry continues to gain strength in fundraising and commitment. This year was the first year that WomenCan engaged with the art community as a collective in the bespoke fundraiser Art on a Box, to much interest.

Donations & Community

Financials & Performance

“We must continue to grow our financial stability. This gives us freedom to express our ideas and sends a message to our members that their concepts can be supported and developed into clinical trials.”
Assoc Prof Phil Beale, ANZGOG Chair

Financial Summaries

Committed to current and planned Research and Education projects

Total Equity Including Project Reserves

Financial Summaries

Total current assets
Total non-current assets
Total assets
Total current liabilities
Total non-current liabilities
Total liabilities
Net Assets
New Research Fund Reserve
Beneficiary Fund Reserve
OASIS Initiative Reserve
Retained Surplus
Total Equity
Year ending 30 June 2021
Revenue from continuing operations
Total Revenue
Trial Expenses
Administration Expenses
Finance Expenses
Depreciation & Amortisation Expense
Occupancy Expenses
Travel Expenses
Employee Benefit Expenses
Conference Expense
Fundraising Expenses
Communications & Education
Property Expense
Surplus (deficit) from Operations
Project and Grant expenses utilitising ANZGOG reserves
Net change in fair value of other financial assets
Total Comprehensive Income for the year
Donwload the full Annual Financial Report for the year ending 30 June 2021, audited by BDO East Coast Partnership.

Financial research

FUNDING Research

ANZGOG has a collaborative agreement with the University of Sydney which supports the operation of a number of ANZGOG trials by the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), a unit of The University of Sydney which is sponsor of these trials.


Government grant funding for the benefit of ANZGOG clinical trials projects is administered by the University of Sydney and is received annually to support these research activities. Funding received by the University of Sydney for ANZGOG’s research projects, since 2002 totals $21,221,189. These funds are not reported in the ANZGOG Annual Financial Statements but are received for ANZGOG projects by the University of Sydney as a result of our collaboration.


The Cancer Australia Support for Cancer Clinical Trials Program, which is shared 50:50 with the University of Sydney, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, provides $500,000 annually and 50% this figure is included in income statements.

trial grant funding via university of sydney