2019 ASM – Speaker Presentations

Bronwyn Morrish – National Cervical Screening Program

Cath Adams – Psychological Issues in Cervical Cancer

Dr Chris Milross – Are we radical enough in fully staged intermediate risk endometrial cancer patients?

Christina Fotopoulou – Evolution of surgery in gynaecological cancer over the last decades – Where are we now?

Christina Fotopoulou – HIPEC for ovarian cancer: HYPE or HOPE?

Dr Christina Mapagu – Homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) Testing in ovarian cancer: Aiming to increase the clinical utility of parp inhibitors

Dr Dane Cheasley – Genomic analysis of low-grade serous ovarian cancer reveals unique therapeutic vulnerabilities

David Wrede – Cervical cancer prevention & screening – HPV testing & vaccination a global perspective

Dr Elaine Sanji – Activation of targeted DNA damage response as a novel therapeuticstrategy for ovarian cancer

Dr Emily Colvin – Characterisation and targeting of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in High Grade Serous

Dr Eryn Dow – Germline Genetic Contributions to Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Cancer: A Gene Discovery Project

Dr Helen Gooden – Survivors Teaching Students: Update 2019

Prof John Hooper – Efficacy of carboplatin against Clear Cell Ovarian Carcinoma is improved by inhibition of glycogen utilisation

Dr Kylie Gorringe – P Mucinous ovarian cancer is distinct from extra-ovarian metastases and evolves from benign and borderline precursors.

Dr Kylie Gorringe – Therapeutic opportunities for mucinous ovarian carcinoma

Prof Lewis Perrin – HIPEC – New service Mater Hospital Brisbane

Assoc Prof Linda Mileshkin – Pushing the bar in endometrial cancer treatment: What’s next?

Madeleine King – SPIRIT-PRO Checklist

Dr Michelle Harrison – Metastatic cervical and vulva cancer: where are the trials taking us?

Dr Michelle Harrison – Case Presentation 2

Dr Michelle Vaughan – Adjuvant chemotherapy in uterine cancer

Ms Nicole Meagher – Diagnosing mucinous ovarian cancer – is there a role for SATB2?

Nigel McMillan – Treating cervical cancer with gene editing.

Nisha Jaquasia – SLN mapping in early stage endometrial cancer during minimally invasive surgery

Assoc Prof Orla McNally – The role of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in High Risk Endometrial Cancer

Paul Cohen – Getting the MOST out of Ovarian Cancer Follow-Up

Paul Cohen – EXcisional treatment Comparison for In Situ Endocervical adenocarcinoma

Prof Penelope Webb – Statin use and survival after a diagnosis of endometrial cancer: a national data-linkage study

Prof Penelope Schofield – Peer support after radiotherapy treatment with curative intent for gynaecological cancer : The PeNTAGOn Study

Prof Peter Hoffman – Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Imaging on gynaecological cancer tissue

Quality & Survivorship – Quality of life – A radical perspective

Dr Rhonda Farrell – HIPEC for ovarian cancer and the Australian/ New Zealand perspective

Dr Sherry Wu – Re-activating Anti-tumour Immunity in Ovarian Cancer using Non-coding RNAs

Dr Stephen Wong – Clinical implementation of circulating tumour DNA analysis for personalised oncology: From blocks to blood

Dr Tracey O’Mara

Dr Umesh Mahantshetty – “An Update and Challenges” in Treatment of GYN (Cervical) Cancers A Radiation Oncologist’s Perspective!

Dr Umesh Mahantshetty – Optimizing Radiation To Groin Nodes in Vulvar Cancer

Dr Umesh Mahantshetty – Managing patients with Vulvar cancer In Low – resources settings At Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai

Assoc Prof Winston Liauw – Diffusion or perfusion of Innovation: The case for HIPEC in Ovarian Cancer