After nearly 40 years of dedicated service to the Radiation Oncology department at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, longstanding ANZGOG Member Associate Professor David Bernshaw ceased clinical practice on 31 Jan 2023.

Assoc Prof Bernshaw at ANZGOG’s 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting

Prof Bernshaw is dual trained in medical oncology and radiation oncology. He joined the Department of Radiation Oncology in the early 1980s and has committed his entire career to serving the cancer community of Victoria. He worked in a number of specialties before settling in the Gynaecology Unit.

Prof Bernshaw has been a member of ANZGOG since the beginning, now over 20 years ago, serving as a Board Member between the years of 2002-2017. He was also the inaugural Chair of ANZGOG’s Fundraising Committee from 2009 until 2015.

“He has been a mentor and teacher to many of us. His great humility and caring nature has made David one of the most approachable, popular and enjoyable people to work with throughout his career. He is singularly responsible for the training of all Peter Mac Rad Onc Registrars in the art of delivering safe Gynaecological Brachytherapy. His knowledge in this area has also led to a number of novel developments in the delivery of brachytherapy at our centre.”

Assoc Prof Pearly Khaw, Radiation Oncologist, ANZGOG Board Member, and colleague of David.

He has been involved in numerous studies, published widely, served on a number of professional and academic committee and has made a global impact on the management of gynaecological cancers. David was recognised for his efforts with an academic promotion to Associate Professor.

Prof Bernshaw will transition into an honorary position with the Department of Radiation Oncology once he finishes his clinical commitments in the new year.

“In this way we can all continue to benefit from his immense knowledge and his willingness to share and teach the next generation of Radiation Oncologists.” said Assoc Prof Pearly Khaw

Please join ANZGOG in congratulating and thanking Associate Professor Bernshaw for an immensely successful career and for his contribution to ANZGOG and radiation oncology.

“Our whole oncology community has been very fortunate to benefit from Prof Bernshaw’s wisdom over many years. The more rare a medical situation a woman was in, the more likely it would be Prof Bernshaw who would have an insightful comment, based on related evidence he knew existed but also on his immense experience. I will miss that clinical interaction, but his contribution will continue in our research programs, benefiting all.”

Prof Clare Scott AM, ANZGOG Chair