More than an adventure, WomenCan’s Larapinta trek symbolises the unity, and determination towards a critical cause – supporting ANZGOG’s research.

Three dedicated ANZGOG members: Professor Linda Mileshkin (Medical Oncologist, VIC), Associate Professor Jeffrey Goh (Medical Oncologist, QLD), and Adele Hudson (Clinical Nurse Consultant, TAS) participated in the journey of a lifetime.  Alongside a diverse group of WomenCan supporters featuring survivors, carers, and others who have been touched by gynaecological cancer, they’re embarked on this trek to fundraise for ANZGOG’s research. 

Their destination was the rugged wilderness of the Larapinta Trail. The path unfolds across 223 kilometres from the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station to the lofty peak of Mount Sonder.

Over five unforgettable days, these adventurers traversed an exhilarating 60+ kilometers of the most spectacular and rewarding sections of the trail.’

The trail stretches along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges, a landscape of breathtaking beauty. The trekkers navigated through the sacred sites of the Arrernte people, absorbing the rich cultural heritage set against valleys, mountains, rivers, and the expansive desert landscapes of the Red Centre. But the journey symbolises more than an exploration of the natural world. Each step was taken in the name of gynaecological cancer research, aiming to improve and extend the lives of women affected by these diseases. 

Leading the charge for women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer

This year, over 6,800 Australian women will be diagnosed with one of seven gynaecological cancers, and each year, over 2,100 will die from this disease. That’s 19 women each day. WomenCan, ANZGOG’s fundraising initiative, has a clear and vital mission: to financially raise vital funds for ANZGOG’s scientific breakthroughs that can change the trajectory of gynaecological cancer, enabling women diagnosed with these diseases to lead better and longer lives. Every dollar from the impressive $75,000 raised by the Larapinta trek contributes directly to this goal.

Linda, Director of Medical Oncology at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Chair of ANZGOG’s endometrial cancer research initiative – EDEN, says,

I am passionate about gynaecological cancer research. The studies that we conduct are the only way forward to improve outcomes for women. Conducting research and clinical trials are very expensive. It is vital to raise funds for ANZGOG’s research so that we improve treatment protocols and lead to better, more effective ways to treat women with less toxic treatments that have fewer side effects. 

Thank you to all who supported WomenCan’s Larapinta trekkers. Your contribution to this tally will go towards enabling ANZGOG’s brightest clinicians and researchers to explore innovative ideas, foster collaborations and push the boundaries of medical knowledge that will benefit generations of women now and into the future. A perfect example of this donor-researcher collaboration is ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research Grant program.