Uterine cancer and specifically endometrial cancer is the most common gynaecological cancer in Australia, and it is becoming increasingly prevalent both domestically and internationally.

In the past ten years, Australia alone has experienced an almost 40% increase in endometrial cancer diagnoses.

While survival rates for endometrial cancer patients can be high, issues such as obesity, later diagnosis, fertility preservation for younger women, and the dramatic increase in the number of diagnoses are increasing the complexity of clinical management and impacting patient outcomes. 

The EDEN Initiative is a collaborative research program established by ANZGOG in 2021, to address the significant unmet needs of endometrial cancer patients in Australia and New Zealand.

Watch Professor Linda Mileshkin, Chair of the EDEN Initiative & Medical Oncologist speak about the program:

Aims of the EDEN Initiative

The EDEN Initiative is an essential step towards flattening the endometrial cancer curve and improving the treatment, outcomes, and quality of life of endometrial cancer patients through new research. It is particularly significant as there is no national body dedicated to endometrial cancer research and advocacy, and the EDEN Initiative aims to stimulate collaborative activity to address this. 

EDEN will drive a program of collaborative research across priority areas for intervention, including prevention, risk assessment, early diagnosis, surgical innovations, adjuvant and recurrent treatments, survivorship, translational research, and advocacy and funding. Each of these focus areas has been identified for its importance in improving the overall care and outcomes for endometrial cancer patients.

Through EDEN, ANZGOG is bringing together more than 60 multi-disciplinary members: Australian and New Zealand experts on endometrial cancer.

Significance of EDEN

The EDEN Initiative has the potential to improve the lives of endometrial cancer patients and their families significantly. With the prevalence of endometrial cancer increasing, this is more important than ever.

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