ANZGOG’s 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) will be held in the beautiful country of New Zealand. The theme for this stimulating event is “Breaking Down Barriers In Gynaecological Cancer Care”.

This year’s ASM will shine a light on the cultural, socioeconomic, and regional diversity of our patients and show how through research into treatments and health practice, we can overcome the increasing cancer burden, inequities of access to care, and outcomes for our patients.

International Speakers

ANZGOG is delighted to announce three distinguished international speakers; Prof Emma Crosbie from the U.K., Prof Akila Viswanathan from the USA, and Prof Isabelle Ray-Coquard from France will bring their expertise to enrich the discourse on breaking barriers in gynaecological cancer care.

ANZGOG’s ASM serves as a collaborative platform that brings together national and international experts across various domains. From gynaecological medicine to radiation and surgical oncology, pathology, basic sciences, translational research, and quality of life studies, the event unites professionals for stimulating discussions.

The Pure Science Symposium offers scientists a dedicated space to explore cutting-edge research and developments in the pre-clinical and translational space,  collaborating with clinicians to answer the most important questions in gynaecological cancer research.

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ANZGOG invites you to register now for this landmark event – the first time an ANZGOG ASM has been held in New Zealand.

The meeting promises to be a convergence of minds, a hub of innovation, and a catalyst for positive change in the landscape of gynaecological cancer care. Join us in Wellington for an enriching experience.

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