To celebrate #InternationalClinicalTrialsDay and ANZGOG’s 20th year anniversary, we’d like to share with you an ‘ANZGOG Flashback’. These photos were kindly supplied by ANZGOG Member Dr Christopher Steer.

(left to right) Dr Christopher Steer, Dr Peter Harper, and A/Prof Gavin Marx at ASCO 2002.

Dr Christopher Steer – Medical Oncologist, NSW

Dr Steer and Dr Ted Trimble, also at ASCO 2002

“18 years ago I was a clinical research fellow at Guy’s Hospital in London and working as the MRC trial physician for the ICON5 study. This was then the largest trial in patients with ovarian cancer ever performed and a challenging multinational 5 arm study of conventional chemotherapy.

Just today I commenced the consent process with a patient for the ANZGOG ICON9 study and am proud to say our research unit has been associated with many of the ICON studies in the intervening period. Whilst it does appear that it has taken 18 years to get from ICON5 to ICON9 and progress may have been slow, ANZGOG has always been there to support these larger randomised studies that do take time but are there to answer important questions.

I am very proud to have been associated with ANZGOG over the last 18 years as it conducts vital clinical research to improve the outcomes of women with gynecological cancer.”


ANZGOG would like to thank Dr Christopher Steer for kindly supplying these photos and his kind words. If you have any photo of the past that are related to ANZGOG in any way, please share them with George Gill ( We’d love to be able to continue ANZGOG Flashbacks as a theme throughout the rest of 2020, commemorating 20 years of research with ANZGOG.

Since our beginning in 2000, ANZGOG has conducted 45 clinical trial studies, with over 3000 patients participating in these trials.

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