ANZGOG Members Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson and Dr Tania Moujaber have been awarded $100,000 each for their research projects in the Fund for New Research Grant round 2022.

PI Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson will be awarded $100,000 for her clinical concept – ctDNA analysis in advanced endometrial cancer following single-agent PD-L1 antibody therapy: a translational research sub-study of the PHAEDRA trial’.

PI Dr Tania Moujaber will be awarded $99,938 for her Pre-clinical concept – ‘testing of combined MEK and CDK4/6 inhibition for low-grade serous ovarian cancer’. 

There were 15 applications received for the 2022 Fund for New Research Grants. Each application was reviewed by two assessors and discussed at the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee (RAC).  All applications supported by the RAC were further reviewed by the Fund for New Research Grant Panel and scored against either a clinical or pre-clinical study criteria. The ANZGOG Board reviewed and ratified the recommended priority projects on Thursday 19 November 2022.  


The Fund for New Research is made possible by public donations, bequests and philanthropic grants from charities with shared interests in ANZGOG’s research work. With this support we have been able to support 23 studies from 2015 to 2022 inclusive. 

“The Fund for New Research program, supported by public donations, is ideally suited to foster innovative pre-clinical and pilot clinical trials in gynaecological cancers. This project is an excellent example of donor and researcher collaboration. 

ANZGOG Chair, Prof. Clare Scott AM

Want to know more about ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research program?

ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research grant’s purpose is to promote the development of future clinical trials and foster its member’s research studies. The Fund for New Research was seed-funded by philanthropy and continues to seek private and public donations for innovative research projects in all gynaecological cancers.

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