ANZGOG Board review and ratify the recommended priority projects from the Fund for New Research applications.

Prof John Hooper, Professor of Cancer Biology, Mater Research Institute QLD

Grants were awarded to:

  1. Clinical concept – $50,000:  PI Dhillon, Pilot Qualitative study – Conquer Fear from Ovarian Cancer.
  2. Pre-clinical concept – $50,000:  PI Raninga, Targeting MYC-dependent high-grade serous ovarian cancer via FACT complex inhibition.
  3. Rochelle Fisher Grant – $30,000: PI Dall, Generating pre-clinical models for uterine leiomyosarcoma to help direct treatment.
  4. Judith Meschke Bequest – $50,000:  PI Hooper, Targeting metabolism to improve efficacy of ovarian clear cell carcinoma therapeutic agents.
  5. WA Ladybird Foundation – $30,000:  PI Cohen, Getting the MOST out of ovarian cancer follow up.

There were 14 applications received for the 2019 Fund for New Research Grants. Each application was reviewed by two assessors and discussed at the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee (RAC).  All applications supported by the RAC were further reviewed by the Fund for New Research Grant Panel and scored against a clinical trial or pre-clinical trial set of criteria.  The ANZGOG Board reviewed and ratified the recommended priority projects on Thursday 21 November 2019.

The Fund for New Research is made possible by public donations, bequests and philanthropic grants from charities with shared interests in ANZGOG’s research work.  With this support we have been able to support 14 studies from 2015 to 2019 inclusive.

Assoc Professor Philip Beale, ANZGOG Chair, would like to thank all applicants for putting their application into ANZGOG, it was a large field this year we encourage you all to continue putting projects forward for consideration.