On Saturday the 29th of February, 320 guests gathered at Tabcorp Park Melton for the 11th annual Night at the Trots fundraising dinner.

Leane Flynn – Speaking at the Night at the Trots event

The Night at the Trots continues the legacy of Lyn McPherson, a beloved wife of Duncan McPherson OAM and mother of Tom, Hamish and Tess, who lost her life to ovarian cancer in 2010. During her battle with the disease, Lyn commenced fundraising and awareness to ‘Make a Difference’ and improve the outcome of women affected by ovarian cancer.

Among the thrill and excitement of world-class racing, guests took part in fundraising in support of ANZGOG’s Research Nurse Program, caring for women in newly established clinical trial sites and the Survivors Teaching Students (STS) program to provide greater understanding of ovarian cancer to medical students. Accompanying these fundraising activities, guests heard from an STS speaker and ovarian cancer survivor, Leane Flynn. Her presence was highly valuable in raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and the critical need for research.

Leane Flynn- “We desperately need funding. We desperately need research. That is the only way this is going to stop and that it why I am sharing my story with you.”

The electricity in the room was fueled by special guest host and international comedian Darren Sanders, who kept to a tight schedule between trotting races, live auctions, raffles and an array of guest speakers.

Guests heard from ANZGOG Chair A/Prof Phillip Beale on the importance of ANZGOG’s priority ovarian cancer research programs including Survivors Teaching Students and Research Nurse Grant Program.

ANZGOG Chair A/Prof Phillip Beale | Special guest host and international comedian Darren Sanders

Both on and off the track we raised significant funds to help improve outcomes for women affected by ovarian cancer. We are truly touched by the unifying efforts of each and every one who attended, cheered, supported and generously gave across the evening.

WomenCan want to make a special mention to our Team Teal founders Duncan McPherson OAM, Jim Connelly and Michael Taranto and our Principle Sponsors Woodlands Stud, A.G Coombs, Yabby Dam Racing, IRT Australia and Alan Mance Motors for making this event possible.

We extend our gratitude to all of the prize donors, Tabcorp Park, the Harness Racing Industry in Australia and New Zealand and Tabcorp who have supported and continue to develop the Team Teal campaign and Night at the Trots evening.

View the full photo album of the evening on WomenCan Team Teal’s Facebook page.