ANZGOG’s new study for patients with advanced gynaecological cancer, PEACE, has officially opened to recruitment after activating its first site, Canberra Hospital.

Led by Principal Investigator Dr Alison Davis in Australia, the international study plans to open at 3 sites in ANZ, with a target of recruiting 73 participants globally.

Little is known about advanced gynaecological cancer patient’s perspectives regarding their care as they approach the end-of-life (EOL) phase of their illness. Understanding patients’ preferences and expectations for end-of-life care is a vital first step towards optimising and individualising that care. However, it is recognised that collecting this information from this vulnerable patient group is likely to be challenging.

PEACE Principal Investigator, Dr Alison Davis

“The main purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of collecting information from women with advanced gynaecological cancer about their satisfaction and expectations of care once their disease has become incurable and treatment options more limited or have ceased altogether. It will also assess the feasibility of collecting information from a carer/loved one (if available) as well as collecting details of that care over time. We will gain preliminary insights into participants’ satisfaction and expectations of care, but will need to expand the study, assuming feasibility is determined, in order to fully explore these issues fully.”

Women may be eligible for this study if they are aged 18 or older, with any advanced gynecological malignancy and a life expectancy of approximately 4 months as estimated by their treating physician. More information on eligibility can be found on the study’s ANZCTR page. Patients are encouraged to speak with their oncologist regarding their concerns including the best ways for their participation on a clinical trial.

PEACE is a Nordic Society of Gynaecological Oncology – Clinical Trial Unit (NSGO-CTU)-led international trial, with ANZGOG being the lead group for Australia.

Planned sites:

  • Newcastle Private Hospital, NSW
  • Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, NSW
  • Canberra Hospital, ACT

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