Elsa Larsen lost her sister Kristen to ovarian cancer, after battling the disease for 6 years. Elsa was invited to share Kristen’s story at the 2021 Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA) Annual Congress.

Since Kristen’s passing, Elsa has become an advocate for ovarian cancer. This year, she was given the opportunity to deliver the opening address at the 2021 CNSA Annual Congress. Elsa’s words made a great impact and were met with warming applause around Australia. ANZGOG would like to congratulate Elsa for delivering such a powerful and inspiring speech.

Through sharing her sister’s journey with ovarian cancer, Elsa highlighted the significance of health communications and the value that ANZGOG’s education program, Survivors Teaching Students (STS) has for future generations of cancer nurses.

Survivors Teaching Students® is a volunteer program that welcomes ovarian and gynaecological cancer survivors and caregivers to share their story with medical and health professional students. This education initiative with a focus on ovarian cancer is inclusive of all gynaecological cancers. It aims to teach students to become more aware of the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer when they go into practice, and as a result, promote earlier diagnosis.

STS National Manager, Dr Helen Gooden, presented a Poster about the STS Program at the 2021 CNSA Congress where she emphasized the results demonstrating the importance to the education of student health professionals.

Watch Elsa deliver the opening address at the 2021 CNSA Congress.

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