As part of our commitment to member education, ANZGOG this week presented a two-part Education Webinar Series for ANZGOG members and others across the health sector on endometrial cancer.

267 people who registered for the event were provided with a unique opportunity to hear from these experts in the field including a panel discussion after each webinar. Those speaking were leading Australian and New Zealand clinicians and researchers, who presented in-depth information on areas such as treatments, survivorship, genetics, and more.

“Whāia te iti kahurangi

This whakataukī describes perseverance, endurance and striving to achieve the goals you set past all obsticles.

ANZGOG webinar series speakers Di and Nicole inspire us to pursue holistic goals of health and survivorship for EC women. The evidence speaks volumes and now is our chance to respond to these role models and our patients and evolve our health services.”

Dr Sarah Te Whaiti

Our great thanks to go all speakers, all who attended and of course Assoc Prof Yoland Antill and Dr Bryony Simcock for chairing the series.

“Thank you for organising this webinar! I enjoyed the summary of key adjuvant trials in endometrial cancer by Prof Mileshkin, as well as hearing from the panel about some of the grey-zones that can arise when deciding adjuvant treatment and the choice of systemic therapy in older patients. Survivorship is such an important area and Dr Adams highlighted some of the key areas we should all be considering.”

Dr Omali Pitiyarachchi

This Education Webinar Series was supported by AstraZeneca.