Improving life for women with gynaecological cancer through research

We are the peak, national gynaecological cancer clinical trials organisation for Australia and New Zealand.

Our purpose is to improve outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer through conducting and promoting cooperative clinical trials and undertaking multidisciplinary research into the causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancer.

Key facts about the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG):

  • established in 2000
  • more than 1200 members including:
    • clinicians who treat women with gynaecological cancer, nurses, data managers, social workers, exercise physiologists, allied health professionals and laboratory researchers,
    • women with cancer and people from their support networks.
  • conducting research with over 63 hospitals and many research and academic institutions
  • active in all states and most territories of Australia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.
  • collaborating with research groups locally and globally.
  • ANZGOG is registered as a charity with a DGR1 status.
  • ANZGOG is compliant with Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission. For further details on ANZGOG, please viewed at
  • ANZGOG has fundraising licences in all Australian states and territories.
  • company limited by guarantee number, ABN 69 138 649 028.

The ANZGOG Constitution provides insights into ANZGOG governance.

ANZGOG Annual Report 2021 is available to view here

Virtually every advance in cancer survival has been made on the back of clinical trials.