March 25, 2020

ANZGOG’s focus during the COVID-19 crisis is the health and safety of all our STS volunteers across Australia. We have therefore paused all live face-to-face presentations on all campuses across Australia.

Dr Helen Gooden, National Manager – STS

Our universities so value our STS Program and your stories that they want to continue working with us, delivering our STS presentations online. Universities across Australia have moved to digital delivery of medical, nursing and health science courses. They are working with us to proceed with our scheduled STS presentations. Together with our STS Regional Coordinators we are upskilling our STS teams to participate online.

Thanks to your support and resilience in the face of COVID-19, we continue our program of STS presentations almost uninterrupted with full student attendance, as they like the majority of us are working from home and observing social distancing.

Feedback from our interactive online STS presentation with Flinders Medical School this week demonstrates the power of sharing your stories, thanks to you all:

“I just wanted to give some feedback on the STS presentation. I thought it was such an amazing experience and probably one of the best experiences I have had to date at the medical school all year. It was such a heart-warming and educational session, made better by the fact that we could come (online), all relax and really take in what the women have to stay to us.

What I think was most special about it, was learning about the experiences they had had with clinicians and how we as a new generation can make a difference to women like these in our practise in the future.” 2nd year medical student.

We are continuing to recruit interested volunteers. To enquire or listen into an STS presentation, please contact: Elise Ackland or visit the STS webpage through this link.

We appreciate your understanding as we work through this together and thank you all for your ongoing support and commitment. Stay safe!

Warmest regards,

Dr Helen Gooden

National Manager | Survivors Teaching Students