Congratulations to ANZGOG Member Assoc Prof Pamela Pollock, whos pre clinical study into endometrial cancer has been awarded Perpetual grant funding. Here’s what Assoc Prof Pollock had to say about the news:

A/Prof Pam Pollock is a Principal Research Fellow at QUT

Last month we had a paper published in Clin Can Research that a variant form of FGFR2 (a protein-coding gene) is associated with aggressive features and that patients with this variant form are more likely to have their cancer return and to die from their endometrial cancer.

I am super excited to receive this funding as it will allow me to validate our findings in samples from an international clinical trial (PORTEC-3) that ANZGOG was involved in testing whether the addition of chemotherapy to standard radiation was beneficial in patients at high risk of recurrence. By looking at this FGFR2 variant in these PORTEC-3 patient samples we can work out if it is associated with poorer prognosis in this group of women at highest risk of their cancer returning.

If we can show patients with this variant form do not respond to radiation and chemotherapy this will help generate evidence to test a new class of drug (FGFR inhibitors) in patients diagnosed with high-risk endometrial cancer.

Assoc Prof Pamela Pollock is a member of ANZGOG’s Research Advisory Committee and Uterine Tumour Type Working Group.

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