Introducing ANZGOG’s new look logo

2020 is the 20 year anniversary of the establishment of the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG). Over the coming year we will be recognising ANZGOG’s achievements by its members, its clinical trials, initiatives, collaborations and engagement with consumers and donors.

Looking back over the last couple of decades, ANZGOG has made continuous improvements in achieving our strategic goals – increasing trials numbers, bolstering our membership, and becoming financially sustainable.

As part of this continued growth we are refreshing our ANZGOG logo. This fresh look for ANZGOG is designed to support us in driving our strategic goals over the next decade and will tie into our new fundraising brand being launched later this month.

The colours retain the strength of the ANZGOG purple, the internationally recognised colour for gynaecological cancer, with ruby for vitality, compassion and energy. The design is crisp, professional and contemporary, and the feminine Venus symbol, links ANZGOG’s clinical research with women and its supporter base. The new look was well received at a preview presentation at the ASM 2019 Conference dinner.

If you have any comment or feedback on the logo please email Alison on