In lieu of International Clinical Trials Day and ANZGOG’s 20th year anniversary, we spoke to two of our longstanding members and asked them about the importance of clinical trials, and how they’ve seen ANZGOG progress as an organisation over the years.

Dr Allison Black – Medical Oncologist, TAS

Dr Allison Black with one of her patients, Margaret.

“Clinical trials are immensely important in oncology. Not only do they give us new understanding into the biology of gynaecological cancers and the development of new treatments, but they also offer hope. For my patients, trials offer hope that their disease may respond but often more importantly to patients, that women in the future may not suffer what they have.

ANZGOG offers regional centres, such as Hobart, the opportunity to participate in high-quality clinical trials and the chance for our patients to receive treatments that are otherwise not accessible.  Patients are central to ANZGOG. From organisational meetings to scientific conferences, teaching programs and the design of clinical trials; consumer liaisons are always present and valued. I commend ANZGOG for this. It is our patients that motivate us to work harder and achieve more.”

Dr Sally Baron-Hay – Medical Oncologist, NSW

“Clinical trials are conducted so we can improve the care we offer to our patients. They take many different forms from prevention, treatment, and quality of life studies. It is only by patients participating in these studies that we can improve upon our current treatment options.

ANZGOG now has a membership of over 1,000, consisting of a range of clinical and non-clinical professions.

Therapies that are proven to be superior from clinical trial results then become part of our evidence-based guidelines used to guide treatment decisions.  When asked, most women want to be included in these trials as they may benefit from the therapy personally but also lead to treatment changes for other women in the future.

Since its inception in 2000, I have had the privilege of watching ANZGOG grow into a comprehensive internationally recognised clinical trials organisation with now over 1000 members. These members are formed from a diverse group of nurses, data managers, allied health professionals and laboratory researchers. It has been so exciting to watch the trial portfolio expand exponentially, covering a comprehensive range of medical and support treatments studies. We have conducted both our own local investigator lead studies as well as participating in large internationally collaborative trials that have changed the way we treat patients and improved the outcome and quality of life for women diagnosed with a gynaecological malignancy. ANZGOG now has a scientific advisory council as well as site-specific tumour specific interest groups that meet regularly to manage trial development and the organisation continues to grow as a recognised national and international peak body.”


Since our beginning in 2000, ANZGOG has conducted 45 clinical trial studies, with over 3000 patients participating in these trials.

ANZGOG currently has 13 open trials. To find out more, please visit our trials page.