The ANZGOG Consumer Research Panel (CRP) is the mechanism for advice and input from gynaecological cancer survivors and their carers to the Research Advisory Committee, Tumour Type Working Groups, Board of Directors and members. The Panel helps ANZGOG to effectively represent the needs and expectations of gynaecological cancer consumers and helps set general research directions and priorities and shape research for ANZGOG.

Participation in the Panel is voluntary, with panel members spending their time undertaking research review and providing advice and consumer input primarily in relation to research proposals and concepts, trial protocols and Patient Information and Consent Forms (PICF).

When conducting their reviews, the Panel considers many items that may affect women participating in trials, including:- the number and kinds of medical procedures required, the convenience of treatment, barriers to representative patient participation, the side effects of treatment, maintenance of confidentiality, safety of progress through the trial, anticipated treatment benefit and risk, and care and support during the trial process.

Whilst this is their primary responsibility, they also undertake a variety of activities. The Panel are much sought after as Associate Investigators on trials, as ANZGOG representatives on working projects, and have spoken on behalf of ANZGOG both nationally and internationally.

“Our panel aims to represent each state, city, regional and rural concerns and each gynaecological cancer type, as well as related areas (Lynch Syndrome, lymphedema). Our experience with our own diagnosis or as a carer, in part, qualifies us for our role – but many of us utilise other skills learned through work or family life. We are all passionate in our belief that outcomes for women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers will be improved through continued support and implementation of clinical trials.

What women affected with gynae cancers want from ANZGOG is for ANZGOG to innovate, drive support for and conduct research trials, to improve outcomes for women affected by gynaecological cancers.” Wanda Lawson, Chair – Consumer Research Panel.

If you would like to know more information or how to get involved with the Consumer Research Panel, please contact ANZGOG Membership Officer:

Heshani Nesfield –

Consumer Research Panel Members

Wanda is a retired Business Consultant, previously running her own company in the development and delivery of business solutions. In 2004 aged 44, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. An early advocate for women’s rights, since her diagnosis she has focused her skills on campaigning for better outcomes for women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers. Wanda has been the Chair of the Consumer Research Panel since 2018 and a member of ANZGOG since 2010. She has represented ANZGOG both nationally and internationally. She believes that consumers should be participatory partners in research and play an active role in their own healthcare.

Lisa was diagnosed with stage 3 low grade ovarian cancer in 2010 aged 48. Thanks to four operations, two rounds of chemo and ongoing management she continues her career in public relations, as well as interests in dog rescue, theatre governance, and advocacy and support for women with gynaecological cancers. She works with other passionate New Zealand women to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and advocate for increased research and funding. Lisa joined ANZGOG in 2018 representing Aotearoa on the Consumer Research Panel. A life member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, she’s currently employed at the University of Auckland.

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Kathryn is a registered Nurse from South Australia, who has experience in Neonatology nursing and research.

At the age of 46, Kathryn was diagnosed with ovarian and endometrial cancer. It was after her diagnosis and treatment that she discovered a strong family history in gynaecological and colorectal cancers. When more family members were diagnosed with cancer, genetic testing was initiated and Lynch Syndrome was confirmed. Since then, Kathryn has become an advocate for change to support those with Lynch Syndrome and educate health professionals by working closely with Lynch Syndrome Australia, by creating videos and organising educational events.

Kathryn is currently the Clinical Trials Coordinator for the bowel cancer research team, located at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Adelaide. She became a member of ANZGOG’s Consumer Research Panel in 2018 to concentrate on improving outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers by being a voice for those going through cancer treatment and the clinical trial process.

Jane brings her own experience and perspective, after a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Following surgery and chemotherapy, she sought after credible information to make informed choices, being an active participant in her treatment and recovery. professionally, Jane managed services in the community for local government. Now with a passion for public health and retired, she serves on hospital committees and state-level projects.

Jane is also Melbourne’s Regional Coordinator for ANZGOG’s Survivors Teaching Students program, leading a team of volunteers, providing the program to medical students and clinicians. As a member of the Consumer Research Panel, she contributes her skills and knowledge, as a survivor and a consumer, bringing the patient into the centre of every equation.

Gill is a naturopath and business owner, with an interest in medical research. In 2013 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. She attributes her survival largely due to her early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Transforming her ‘survivor guilt’ into action, Gill is an ovarian cancer advocate and consumer in research. She is a Survivors Teaching Students presenter, member of the TCRN Consumer Advisory Panel, and an active consumer with a number of research teams.

With an extensive media background, including more than 20 years in broadcasting, she is a confident communicator and enjoys using social media to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers. Gill joined ANZGOG and was appointed to the Consumer Research Panel in 2020.