Associate Professor Philip Beale is appointed Chair of ANZGOG from 30 March 2018. His appointment follows the conclusion of Associate Professor Alison Brand’s six-year term enabling gynaecological cancer research as Chair of ANZGOG.

Associate Professor Philip Beale, Chair of ANZGOG“It has been a pleasure to lead such a fantastic group of medical and research professionals and consumers. Together we have enabled a wide variety of gynaecological cancer clinical trials and research within Australia and internationally, achieved financial stability for ANZGOG, and strengthened our culture of professional mentoring and leadership” said Associate Professor Brand.

Last year our annual portfolio of trials more than doubled in number to 15, and more trials are expected to commence this year. We have achieved financial stability, and are strengthening our capabilities in translational research.

Drawing on ANZGOG’s strengths

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Alison Brand as Chair and Chief Executive Officer Alison Evans, ANZGOG for the first time is in a position to self-fund new research. “It is a true strength that we can actually drive new investigations and have our own ability to generate research” said Beale.

“Our people are our strength, and I want to make sure ANZGOG remains inclusive, with a spectrum of trials. Phase III trials, Phase II trials, signal-seeking trials, and early-phase trials where we will be looking for new avenues of care, and also supportive care.”

“It’s important that we draw on all of the domains of gynaecological cancer care: surgery, radiation, nursing, allied health, medical oncologists” said Beale.

“I feel a responsibility to continue the great legacy of Alison Brand and our founding Chairs. By continuing to build our research portfolio we will have more trials available for patients, which hopefully means better care and better opportunities for treatment, but also furthering knowledge within the treatment of gynaecological cancers” said Beale.

Associate Professor Philip Beale is Director of Cancer Services and Director of Palliative Care, Sydney Local Health District; Head of Medical Oncology Department at Concord Hospital; Senior Staff Specialist at RPA, and at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse; and Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. At the time of his election as Chair of ANZGOG he was serving on the Research Advisory Committee, Audit Risk and Compliance Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, and was Chair of the Ovarian Tumour Group.