Glen Levitt

Arrange a donation in lieu of flowers at a funeral.

“We chose to ask for donations at my wife’s funeral instead of flowers because we wanted to do something to help. Even if just one person benefitted from those donations it was worth it.”
– Glenn

Every dollar donated to ANZGOG goes to gynaecological cancer research.

With a little notice, ANZGOG can provide you with personalised envelopes, with a Loving Memory card inside, to distribute at a funeral or wake.

These envelopes can be mailed back to us individually by your guests, or you can collect them at the event and send them in one lot.

Six (6) weeks after the funeral we will let you know the total amount raised in memory of your love one for ANZGOG’s gynaecological cancer research.

ANZGOG In Loving Memory Card

We have designed an In Loving Memory donation card for you to download and print at home.  The card is a PDF and prints on A4 paper in colour or black and white.

Simply personalise the PDF, print out the amount you need for family and friends, then give to your friends to fold twice into a card, fill in and return to us.

Don’t worry if the top half of the card looks upside down at first, when folded all is OK.