Improving life for women through cancer research

Women with gynaecological cancer in Australia and New Zealand deserve the best treatments available. 

That is why ANZGOG was established in 2000
to ensure that the best and latest treatments were being researched here so that Australian and New Zealand women with cancer could participate.

It is also important that women with gynaecological cancer know about current clinical trials and have confidence in how they are carried out. 

ANZGOG does this outreach work with the assistance of members in two of its committees:
  • The Consumer and Community Committee (CCC)
  • The Study Coordinators Committee (SCC) 

The Consumer and Community Committee members provide insight into patients’ and support circle needs. They represent ANZGOG on consumer committees established by peak cancer organisations that are developing new consumer programs.  They host our Consumer Engagement Sessions and provide feedback on the information we provide.  They also serve on our Research Advisory Committee and review trial protocols for ease of understanding by the lay person.
women helping gynaecological cancer research through ANZGOG.

The Study Coordinators Committee members are a group of very dedicated professional nurses, researchers and data managers.  These are the people who look after the patients participating in clinical trials at the hospital research sites. Because of their closeness to the trials participant, members of this committee give great insight into improving our communication about trials.  We work with this committee to understand and develop the training needs for our Study Coordinators and nurses. 
ANZGOG hosts annual Consumer Engagement Forums for patients, families and oncology health professionals. Forum panelists include oncologists, nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists who treat women with gynaecological cancers.
The purpose of the Consumer Engagement Forum is to share current gynaecological oncology research outcomes and to discuss symptom management for women living with a gynaecological cancer.

ANZGOG also offers involvement through Fundraising for Cancer Research.  This provides an active and positive way for the friends and family of cancer sufferers to contribute at a time when the ‘need to make a difference’ is high.

ANZGOG uses the funds raised to cover:
  • Establishment and running costs of clinical trials which are struggling for funding.
  • Funding of feasibility studies for clinical trials, which are not eligible for grants.
  • Expenses (ie. travel costs) for women to participate in trials in Australia and New Zealand.

Without your support ANZGOG researchers would not be able to do their work.
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