The Board of Directors conducts a strategic planning workshop every five years in consultation with member representatives of all gynaecological oncology disciplines and other key stakeholders.  The identified strategic goals form the basis of the business plan which is developed and reviewed annually.

ANZGOG’S five key strategy goals for 2018-2023 are to:

GOAL 1 :
Innovative and equitable clinical trials in gynaecological cancers.

GOAL 2 :
World-class translational research in gynaecological cancers.

GOAL 3 :
Capacity building for gynaecological cancer research in Australia and New Zealand.

GOAL 4 :
Strategic partnerships, collaboration and engagement.

GOAL 5 :
Organisational capacity aligned with our research agenda.

ANZGOG’s performance is reviewed annually in our annual report.

Download the ANZGOG strategic plan summary