ANZGOG leader Prof Michael Friedlander AM and CEO Alison Evans attended an APGOT meeting in Singapore, discussing an Asia Pacific collaboration for clinical trials with clinical leaders from Japan, Singapore and Korea.

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There were 14 applications received for the 2019 Fund for New Research Grants. The ANZGOG Board reviewed and ratified the recommended priority projects.

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Dr Genevieve Dall’s pre-clinical research study has been awarded the Rochelle Fisher grant.

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Cancer Australia release endometrial cancer risk factors

Cancer Australia has released the latest research on over 30 risk factors for endometrial cancer on their website.

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Prof Sandi Hayes comments on ECHO

Principal Investigator Professor Sandi Hayes comments on ECHO, the first ever exercise intervention clinical trial run by ANZGOG.

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2019 Victorian Cancer Agency Funding Round – now open

VCA’s funding schemes are now open and will close at 5.00 pm on 25 September 2019. Click on the link below for more information.

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ResearcHer June 2019 edition

Get updates on ANZGOG’s latest research, awareness and fundraising activities.

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Celebrating 20 Years of ANZGOG in 2020: Introducing ANZGOG’s new look brand…

Long-term fatigue and quality of life among epithelial ovarian cancer survivors: a GINECO case/control VIVROVAIRE I study

New Position Statement – Cancer Australia

2019 ASM – Round-up

The 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting took place at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth from 20th to 23rd March, inspired by the theme ‘Radical Treatments for Gynaecological Cancers: hope or hype’.  With 260 delegates, this was the largest ANZGOG ASM to date.

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Photograph of Professor Clare Scott, Mr Duncan McPherson, and Tess McPherson at the 2018 Jeannie Ferris Award Ceremony.

National recognition for ANZGOG’s Clare Scott and Duncan McPherson

ANZGOG’s Professor Clare Scott and Mr Duncan McPherson have achieved national recognition for outstanding contributions to improving outcomes in gynaecological cancer.

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Dr Mahesh Iddawela, leader of the Gippsland Cancer Survivorship Program.

Dr Mahesh Iddawela is making sure all patients in Gippsland get access to quality care and clinical trials.

Dr Iddawela leads the Gippsland Cancer Survivorship Program and is a member of ANZGOG’s Endometrial Tumour Type Working Group.

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cover art of the comic book about ovarian cancer

New comic book helps kids understand ovarian cancer

A new comic book “Understanding Ovarian Cancer” is helping children and young people understand ovarian cancer. Available for free online and in hard copy.

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STATEC trial: Defining best practice in endometrial cancer

Cancer of the womb (also referred to as endometrial cancer or uterine cancer) is the most common gynaecological cancer in Australia.

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Mary Anne shares her family’s inspirational story of ovarian cancer

Too many families experience the tragedy that ovarian cancer can bring. Mary Anne’s family story is not unique, however, it is amazingly inspirational.

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Ovarian cancer survivor and mother: Veronica, shares her story

Most women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will not survive five years from diagnosis. Veronica shares her story as an ovarian cancer survivor and mother.

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ANZGOG 2018: Challenges in Precision Gynaecological Cancer in a Molecular Era

Published in Oncology News on 7 May, 2018: four members of ANZGOG share their highlights from the ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting.

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Associate Professor Linda Mileshkin, Primary Investigator on the PORTEC 3 trial

Better treatment for endometrial cancer: PORTEC 3

The PORTEC 3 endometrial cancer trial has been ten years in the making but now provides insights into better treatments. Better treatments improve lives.

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Associate Professor Philip Beale, Chair of ANZGOG

ANZGOG Board appoints new Chair: Associate Professor Philip Beale

Associate Professor Philip Beale is appointed by the ANZGOG Board as Chair of ANZGOG from 30 March 2018. He has been a member of ANZGOG since inception.

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Survivors Teaching Students: Caitlin

Caitlin is a volunteer Presenter with ANZGOG’s Survivors Teaching Students, an ovarian cancer awareness program. Find out why she volunteered and what motivates her as a Presenter.

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Dr Michelle Wilson on thinking outside the box in ovarian cancer

Michelle Wilson believes that thinking outside the box is one of the best skills clinicians can have for their patients. She was awarded a Fund for New Research grant in 2016 for her ovarian cancer study NEO.

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Progress in the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer

New evidence about the role of human papilloma virus (HPV) in the development of cervical cancer and new technologies to detect the virus have led to a new National Cervical Screening Program.

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ANZGOG Preceptorship in ovarian cancer 2017

ANZGOG’s inaugural Preceptorship in ovarian cancer provided trainees and students a review of the most important advances in ovarian cancer in recent times.

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Improving treatment practices in cervical cancer: EXCISE study

Dr Paul Cohen received funding to run a pilot study in cervical cancer through the ANZGOG Fund for New Research. The study is called EXCISE and is comparing two treatments for removing (or excising) adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) lesions from the cervix.

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Save the box

Save the Box gets people talking

In 2018 Save the Box achieved a potential reach of more than 150 million people through public, news, and social media.

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Australian of the Year Karen Livingstone Nominated for 2018

Ms Karen Livingstone, ANZGOG Board member, has been selected as a Victorian Finalist for the Australian of the Year Awards.

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PARAGON - a gynaecological cancer clinical trial of ANZGOG

Trial results: Paragon

Paragon is a group of 7 trials involving women with potentially hormone-responsive cancers of the uterus and ovaries. The trials are helping researchers answer important questions about the role of antiestrogens to treat these cancers. The results could change the way some cancers are treated in the future.

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CREST Newsletter: September 2017

The Cancer Research Economics Support Team (CREST) Newsletter September edition contains articles on health economics and cancer care, as well as updates from clinical trials groups.

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paul cohen

Dr Paul Cohen, Consultant Gynaecologist and Clinical Researcher

Perth’s Dr Paul Cohen receives grant to run a pilot study on precancerous changes of the cervix.

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Ovarian cancer diagnosis turns power mum into cancer patient

Cath was a dedicated stay at home mum who left university in her 20s to support and bring up her three sons. Suddenly last year her world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer.

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Having cancer changed my life for the better

Louise Mitchell used to weigh 165kg and was too heavy to have the surgery she needed to save her life. Now, her whole world has changed.

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diana adams

Gynaecological cancer stats grim as women continue to avoid regular testing

GO and get tested. That’s the best advice to fight gynaecological cancer from one of south west Sydney’s top specialists, Dr Diana Adams.

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amelia hoppe

Gynaecological cancer survivor: “I might be little but I’m a fighter”

When Amelia was just two, her parents Megan, 36, and Benn, 35, noticed a lump on her labia while changing her nappy. Gynaecologist Dr Sonia Grover at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital diagnosed Amelia with rhabdomyosarcoma-volvo – a gynaecological cancer affecting just one in 250,000 people in Australasia.

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