Improving life for women through cancer research

Since establishment in 2000 the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group has participated in 20 trials involving 3000 patients.

These trials continue to deliver results which benefit treatment practices and outcomes for women with gynaecological cancers.

Key trial achievements include:
The Calypso trial changed the standard of care for women with relapsed ovarian cancer, by changing the combination of drugs to provide less side effects and improve survival.  Lead out of France, ANZGOG was the statistical centre for the trial.  976 patients participated in the trial across the world.

A trial of 2 different chemotherapy treatments in women with recurrent ovarian cancer.  The trial found that carboplatin and liposomal doxorubicin was more effective and better tolerated than the standard treatment and this is now the standard of care for these patients.
ICON-7 was recently completed and published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.  It was found that the addition of bevacizumab improved outcomes of women with high risk advanced ovarian cancer. This study led to the recent approval of bevacizumab in Europe.

GOG 199
This study was done with the US GOG and recruited women at high risk of developing ovarian cancer. The study compared the risk of ovarian cancer and quality of life in women who opted for screening rather than surgery to remove their ovaries and tubes.
The results are not published as yet, but it is a very important study and will help clarify the safety of screening as well as the impact of early menopause in high risk women.
Symptom Benefit
The aim of treatment in women with advanced recurrent ovarian cancer is to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms. We still do not have any good instruments to measure symptom improvement and this deficiency has been recognised by all ovarian cancer trials groups around the world.
ANZGOG is leading this large international study – Symptom Benefit - to develop a new instrument to accurately measure symptoms as well as side effects in women receiving chemotherapy. This will be of great value in future clinical trials as well as in clinical practice.
Although this is not a treatment trial, it will help to determine which treatments provide the best symptom improvement with the least side effects which is so important when the aim of treatment is to improve quality of life.
The OUTBACK trial is an important international collaboration.  ANZGOG led this trial from the start and has taken it to the global cervix cancer community.  It looks at the most important unanswered question in cervix cancer – “is it better for women at high risk of relapse to receive chemotherapy after the completion of their standard chemo/radiation treatment.” 

The OUTBACK Trial is open to patient enrolment. 
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